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Theory of crapification
What Surowiecki is talking about is that consumers are engaging in a long-overdue and largely futile backlash against the crapification of almost everything. I’m not a car buyer, but I understand some high-end brands like the Lexus and Prius have stayed true to their consumer promises. But the trend overwhelmingly is the reverse. Let’s give some examples:

Consumer white goods. Washing machines, dishwashers, and stoves all used to be good for forty years absent a leak-induced short or other unusual mishap. Now you are lucky to get ten. I have a little no-name brand gas stove that the astonishingly capable cleaning woman I had when I moved in pronounced to be good. It is. I’m sure you can’t find an inexpensive gas stove that comes close these days. Similarly, in the days when I was more flush and a tenant destroyed an Electrolux, I bought another good (but not as good) vacuum cleaner, a Miele. The engine crapped out in eight years, one beyond the warranty. And remember, I live in a
11 weeks ago by NorwegianRockCat
Blob Defintion
The term “The Blob” as this commentator uses it, was originated by Obama official Ben Rhodes in an article in the New York Times magazine:

Here’s how [New York Times writer David] Samuels describes Rhodes’ basic foreign policy worldview:

He referred to the American foreign-policy establishment as the Blob. According to Rhodes, the Blob includes Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, and other Iraq-war promoters from both parties who now whine incessantly about the collapse of the American security order in Europe and the Middle East… [His passion] derived from his own sense of the urgency of radically reorienting American policy in the Middle East in order to make the prospect of American involvement in the region’s future wars a lot less likely. [The New York Times Magazine]

Whatever good has come from the Obama administration on foreign policy — and it must be admitted that it could have been much worse — it comes from this attitude. The fundamental attribute of “the Blob” really is a sort of amoral incompetence, where constant bloody and catastrophic failure has virtually zero impact on elite thinking. (And that’s leaving aside the leaking of classified documents to get laid, drunkenly lambasting the president to a journalist, the inept handling of the nuclear arsenal, and so on.)

I would guess “The Blob” is an hommage to the eopnymous movie, The Blob:

The Blob is an amorphous, gelatinous alien entity that was brought to planet Earth trapped inside a meteorite. Nothing is known about its origins, the natural habits of the species, or how common they are in the universe. This creature has no definite shape or size, being able to change its form at will.

Replace “trapped inside a meteorite” with “a degree from Harvard or Yale”….
11 weeks ago by NorwegianRockCat
Databaiting - Towards Data Science
The process of pulling in a member of society (often called user by technology companies) into submitting their data is becoming a common practice. A fun activity that pulls you in is contrasted by the sale of user’s data that occurs without clear consent. I suggest with this article to use the shorthand phrase databaiting for this process.
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july 2019 by paulbradshaw
How to work with GIT/SVN — good practices - Jakub Kułak - Medium
best part of this is the links to other guides
Commit Often, Perfect Later, Publish Once:

My Favourite Git Commit:
I use the following convention to start the subject of commit(posted by someone in a similar HN thread):
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june 2019 by nhaliday
classification - ImageNet: what is top-1 and top-5 error rate? - Cross Validated
Now, in the case of top-1 score, you check if the top class (the one having the highest probability) is the same as the target label.

In the case of top-5 score, you check if the target label is one of your top 5 predictions (the 5 ones with the highest probabilities).
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june 2019 by nhaliday
performance - What is the difference between latency, bandwidth and throughput? - Stack Overflow
Latency is the amount of time it takes to travel through the tube.
Bandwidth is how wide the tube is.
The amount of water flow will be your throughput

Vehicle Analogy:

Container travel time from source to destination is latency.
Container size is bandwidth.
Container load is throughput.


Note, bandwidth in particular has other common meanings, I've assumed networking because this is stackoverflow but if it was a maths or amateur radio forum I might be talking about something else entirely.
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may 2019 by nhaliday

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