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What the f*ck JavaScript?
A list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples
20 hours ago by brunsnik
Welcome to Workbox
Workbox is a collection of libraries and build tools that make it easy to store your website’s files locally, on your users’ devices.
javascript  library  offline 
21 hours ago by segfault
how to build modular applications with browserify
javascript  nodejs  guides  howto  development 
22 hours ago by davidgasperoni
⚡️ Delightful Node.js packages and resources
javascript  nodejs  github  reference 
22 hours ago by davidgasperoni
AgentScript is a minimalist Agent Based Modeling (ABM) framework based on NetLogo agent semantics. Its goal is to promote the Agent Oriented Programming model in a highly deployable CoffeeScript/JavaScript implementation. Please drop by our Google Group to get involved. We have a gh-pages site
analysis  ai  javascript 
22 hours ago by ajturner

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