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Job: Postdoctoral Research Position, Knowledge Infrastructures, UCLA
"One-year appointment beginning October 1, 2017, with possibility for renewal to summer 2019. The UCLA Center for Knowledge Infrastructures seeks a postdoctoral researcher to join our research project (2015-2019), If Data Sharing is the Answer, What is the Question? We are conducting interview, ethnographic, and document studies of scientific data practices such as data collection, analysis, management, sharing, and reuse in astronomy, earth sciences, and health sciences." Apply by July 15.
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yesterday by miriamposner
11 Brilliant Conversation Starters To Use In A Job Interview - Levo
You may think of the small talk before a job interview as idle chitchat at best. Perhaps you even find the whole experience excruciating. But research suggests that building rapport with your interviewers before getting into the nitty gritty details can give you an edge over other candidates.
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yesterday by dvand5
Game Cities
With a PhD in urban planning and geography, a MSc in city and regional planning, a 5-year engineering diploma, and years of experience in the gaming industry, I would love to help shape the urban environments of your game.
My job is to consult on matters of imaginary urbanism, fix your city's problems, help with your world-building, create your maps, design living, breathing fantasy or sci-fi urban environments, help you abstract existing places to fit your gaming project,  or even design your interactive cities from the ground up.
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yesterday by twwoodward
Do The Most Good Design — Jobs For Progress
DTMG is a resource for designers to find in-house job opportunities at established Democratic political organizations and progressive nonprofits — to do
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yesterday by ericaheinz
Design Gigs for Good
A jobs board for opportunities at the intersection of design and social
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yesterday by ericaheinz
​Report suggests US paranoia about H-1Bs largely unsupported by facts or stats | ZDNet
It's a myth that Indian IT outsourcing firms are threatening Americans' jobs.

"While the threat of job loss has long been exaggerated by critics, it reaches illogical proportions when discussing fewer than 10,000 workers in an economy that employs 160 million workers nationwide

more US workers are being hired over the past few years by Indian IT in the US than ever before

the report suggests that the figures cited by the Trump Administration -- that around 80 percent of H-1Bs are paid less than the median wage in their fields -- is seriously flawed"

[[Finally, the bottom line is that in this volatile and rapidly shifting technological landscape, most economists think that if the US government is going to restrict immigration, specifically visas like H-1Bs, companies will simply pick up and move to a part of the world where they are able to access the kind of labour they desperately need.

This is why Canada is home to a growing number of large and small American tech companies, and why India is now home to a growing number of large datacentres and AI labs started by the likes of Cisco, Microsoft, and GE.

"If you're worried about outsourcing, you should probably have a more liberal rather than a less liberal attitude toward immigration," George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen said.]]
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yesterday by dandv
The Best Advice We Overheard at First Round's CTO Unconference | First Round Review
The Best Advice We Overheard at First Round's CTO Unconference When First Round redesigned its annual summit of technical leaders, it had a goal in mind: participants leaving the event with notebooks chock-full of new tactics to try. via Pocket
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yesterday by jeremyday

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