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Will Work For No Benefits: The Challenges Of Being In The New Contract Workforce : NPR
A new NPR/Marist poll shows that more than half of contract workers don't get employee benefits. "We really don't have much of a social safety net, and that's terrifying," freelancer Matt Nelson says.
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When is it time to leave?
How do you really know when it’s time to call it day and move on?
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New Economy, Meet Old Continent
‘This is not "sharing" economy; these are fully professionalised marketplaces.’
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Women would be most hurt by Labor Department’s “tip stealing” rule -
A new analysis estimates American women could lose $4.6 billion in tips a year if finalized
The Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed a rule that would legally enable employers to pocket their workers’ tips — as long as employers pay their workers at least minimum wage, which is a measly $7.25 nationally (albeit higher in some cities and states).
The agency's proposal would repeal existing portions of regulations that currently prohibit employers from taking workers’ tips.
A new analysis by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a nonprofit think tank, estimates American workers could lose up to $5.8 billion in tips if the proposal is finalized; moreover, they estimate that women would be impacted the most. According to the report, 80 percent of tipped jobs — ranging from restaurant workers to bartenders to hair stylists — employ women, and if implemented, this cohort of women could lose $4.6 billion in tips.
“Because women are both more likely to be tipped workers and to earn lower wages, this rule would disproportionately harm them,” the report states.
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