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The Most Crucial Design Job Of The Future
The job of a data ethnographer, then, would be to ask questions like: What is the culture of a data set? How old is it? Who made it? Who put it together? When was it updated–has it ever been updated?

Data ethnographers could highlight these biases and help make the case for other, more equitable policing strategies.

Data and artificial intelligence systems are a civil issue, a civic issue, and a human issue. Understanding that data is complicit in how AI works is a step toward making equitable technology systems. Imagine an opensource, transparent, data ethnography group that combines the skill sets of data scientists and ethnographers–imagine the kind of change that could create
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yesterday by robertocarroll
Millennials Will Work Hard, Just Not for Your Crappy Job
The Millennials want a different deal and they are going to get it. If you are managing Millennials and want to complain and reminisce, that’s your right. If you want to be solution-oriented, it’s time to turn the lens inward.
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yesterday by basus
Limbo is the anonymous job platform. Find your next great teammate or post your ideal next role and let companies introduce themselves.
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yesterday by braposo
U.S. Census Report Highlights Small Manufacturers Big Role in the U.S. Economy. - NAM
But there is another face to U.S. manufacturing. Small employer manufacturers (those with fewer than 50 employees) shine in many sectors. For example, 92 percent of the cement and concrete product manufacturing establishments in the U.S. have fewer than 50 employees. These small establishments employ 89,058 people, or over half of all employees in this industry.
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yesterday by areadevelopment
Job: Digital Humanities Specialist, Cengage
"Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, seeks a creative, collaborative, and experienced individual to join our team as a Digital Humanities Specialist. Responsible for supporting and assisting the evolution of Gale's Digital Scholarship Program, the successful candidate will serve as a key support and development liaison to key customers that are engaging in advanced humanities research as well as Gale's technology development." No deadline.
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yesterday by miriamposner
Job: DH Developer, Princeton University
The Digital Humanities Developer will work as part of the CDH’s Development Team to implement innovative digital humanities projects in a collaborative environment that includes fellow CDH staff, humanities faculty and graduate students, and other relevant campus partners. This position will have an emphasis on the front-end component of CDH projects, particularly working with JavaScript and data visualization in order to make CDH projects more dynamic and interactive. This position will report to the CDH Lead Developer." No posted deadline.
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yesterday by miriamposner
Resume Worded - Write effective resumes
Get inspired by handpicked resume lines that helped candidates get into companies like McKinsey, Goldman Sachs and Google.
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2 days ago by eduardoportilho
Queueing Theory // Speaker Deck
Nice presentation on queueing theory in context of parallel processes, includes references at the end
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2 days ago by llimllib
2018 Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends
Liberal arts impact and the promise of natural language processing.
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2 days ago by robertocarroll

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