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Oregon State University Portal
This is the job portal of Oregon State University.
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8 hours ago by lpuerto
Single Payer Myths: Understanding Labor Turnover
Consider the case of reducing income inequality in the country. No matter how you go about doing it, changing the distribution of income so that less income goes to the rich and more income goes to the middle and poor will lead to significant layoffs. Sectors that cater to the consumption desires of affluent people — housekeeping, yacht building, and SoulCycle instructing — will shed jobs when the rich have less money to pump into them. On the other end of things, sectors that meet the consumption desires of lower and middle class people will see more money flow into them, which will create jobs.

The net result of this kind of reform is a reallocation of workers out of rich-consumption sectors and into nonrich-consumption sectors. We don’t usually talk about reducing income inequality like this, but this is really the primary purpose of it.
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11 hours ago by jbertsche · Create Your Job Winning Resume
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11 hours ago by markinetic
A New Approach To Filling Tech Jobs - NationSwell
When it comes to hiring programmers and other tech professionals, companies are looking to places like Indiana, not India.
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12 hours ago by areadevelopment
Amazon Is Lifeline for Retail Workers. If They Live in Right City - MSN
As shoppers shift more of their spending from stores to websites, some warehouse labor markets are winning while many retail markets are losing.
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14 hours ago by areadevelopment
17 hours ago by muyun_
Your Job Ad: The Start of a Great Hiring Experience
Here’s a favorite: “Excellent verbal and interpersonal communication skills.” Are there jobs for user experience designers that don’t need excellent verbal and interpersonal communication skills? Then there’s this one: “Excels in a high growth, fast paced environment. via Pocket
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20 hours ago by technogoggles
Transactionally Staged Job Drains in Postgres — Brandur Leach
With this pattern, jobs aren’t immediately sent to the job queue. Instead, they’re staged in a table within the relational database itself, and the ACID properties of the running transaction keep them invisible until they’re ready to be worked. A secondary enqueuer process reads the table and sends any jobs it finds to the job queue before removing their rows.

Here’s some sample DDL for what a staged_jobs table might look like:

CREATE TABLE staged_jobs (
job_name TEXT NOT NULL,
And here’s what a simple enqueuer implementation that sends jobs through to Sidekiq:

loop do
DB.transaction do
# pull jobs in large batches
job_batch = StagedJobs.order('id').limit(1000)

if job_batch.count > 0
# insert each one into the real job queue
job_batch.each do |job|
Sidekiq.enqueue(job.job_name, *job.job_args)

# and in the same transaction remove these records
StagedJobs.where('id <= ?', job_batch.last).delete
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yesterday by hellsten

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