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James Bond: The secret history of 007 | British GQ
David Arnold: It would be ridiculous to talk about the music of James Bond and not talk about John Barry. Without him, there would be no conversation. The only time we ever spoke about Bond he gave me some famous advice. [Barry told Arnold, "Do whatever you like, but never forget it must always be all about cock."] I'm reluctant to say that any more because since John died it feels a bit odd. But it's brilliant advice. [Bond-theme lyricist] Don Black always talks about the lyrics of a Bond theme having the sniff of the boudoir about them. There's a sort of crooked finger beckoning you towards it. There's a reason for him being called Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. John was kind of thinking about the masculinity, the testosterone, the thrusting, cocksure, unstoppable confidence that the guy had. I think if we were having that conversation now he might say, "Make it all about... testosterone." But that's not the word he chose to use at the time! 
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