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Crashing episode 4 recap: “MC, Middle, Headliner” explains a big debate - Vox
Crashing has always argued that anything can be funny if you do the work to make it so. Jason’s essential premise — maybe there’s some truth to stereotypes — could perhaps make for a great set if he put in the work of figuring out better material, or if he found a way to give that premise an ironic spin, or literally anything but what he does. And yet people still laugh at him because his jokes have some polish to them and because his frustration at the idea that other people can get laughs more easily than he can in 2019 mirrors the frustration that plenty of other white men feel in a world that’s become ever so marginally more inconvenient for them. (Like... one one-thousandth of a percent more inconvenient, but still.)
comedy  crashing  jokes  humour  sexism 
21 hours ago by johndodds
Radio Yerevan Joke Collection

Radio Yerevan was asked: "Is it true that conditions in our labor camps are excellent?"
Radio Yerevan answered: "In principle, yes. Five years ago one of our listeners was not convinced of this, so he was sent to investigate. He seems to have liked it so much that he hasn't returned yet."
jokes  humor 
2 days ago by bokane
A joke in the traditional manner
Of all the songs in the Great American Songbook, which is the favorite of pirates?
5 days ago by M.Leddy
The Evolution of a Rust Programmer
Jokes aside, for someone like me this is actually a very nice example of different styles of writing rust.
rust  programming  style  evolution  programmer  jokes 
15 days ago by michielbuddingh
Nihilist Dad Jokes - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
I tell my kids, you’re allowed to watch the TV all you want… Just don’t turn it on! This way they will begin to understand the futility of all things.
funny  silly  father  dad  jokes  mcsweeneys  life  parenting 
23 days ago by edmittance
Everybody loves dad jokes... right?
node  npm  javascript  jokes  funny  cli 
27 days ago by garrettc

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