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125dB | andrew stern // raconteur / journalist
Short Dumentaries & journalism series episodes with Andrew Stern entiltedv”think again”
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in data, people matter too
NYTimes story about how intereview very important in data jouranlism
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yesterday by czuegner
How Dorothea Lange Defined the Role of the Modern Photojournalist
Like the new journalists of the 1960s and 1970s, people like Norman Mailer and Tom Wolfe, who brought frank personal bias to forms of writing previously heralded as objective, Lange, decades earlier, did something similar in photography. She blurred the line between reportage and fine art and, in so doing, opened the medium for its most celebrated practitioners, the people who would be the inheritors of Lange’s expressiveness and empathy, from Robert Frank to Wolfgang Tillmans. Her contemporary Ansel Adams called her pictures “both records of actuality and exquisitely sensitive emotional documents.” She was an artist under the guise of a journalist and an activist under the guise of a dispassionate civil servant, and it would be impossible to think of any of these roles today without her influence.
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2 days ago by jarrettfuller
How Nigeria’s police used telecom surveillance to lure and arrest journalists
The Committee to Protect Journalists reports on how journalists Samuel Ogundipe and Azeezat Adedigba of Nigeria's Premium Times had their communications surveilled by authorities following critical reporting, with police then using that access and information to detain the reporters' sources. The sources were then coerced into helping the police arrest the journalists:

"On August 9, 2018, Ogundipe published an article about a communication between Nigeria’s police chief and vice president. Days later, police investigating his source issued a written summons, CPJ reported at the time. It was not addressed to Ogundipe and made no mention of his article or the charges he would later face of theft and possession of police documents. Instead, as Ogundipe recounted, police called Adedigba for questioning in connection with a slew of serious crimes, allegations that evaporated after police used her phone to summon her friend to the station. Ogundipe’s experience is one of at least three cases since 2017 where police from across Nigeria used phone records to lure and then arrest journalists currently facing criminal charges for their work. In each case, police used the records to identify people with a relationship to a targeted journalist, detained those people, and then forced them to facilitate the arrest. The police methods reinforce the value of internet-based, encrypted communications at a time when authorities have also targeted journalists’ phones and computers to reveal their sources. Those prosecuted in all three cases are free on bail." - Jonathan Rozen, CPJ
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2 days ago by dmcdev
Muck Rack for journalists and public relations
Never miss a beat: Get alerts in your inbox whenever journalists are writing and tweeting about your company, campaign, competitors or any keywords. You’ll instantly know who to connect with, which stories you need to get out in front of and the trending news that affects your brand.
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2 days ago by Scub4
engaged journalism definition
Medium piece that defines engaged jouranlism. We are at intersection of thse
Kingfisher  solutions  journalism  engage 
2 days ago by czuegner
sChedule from ICA engaged journalism preconference
Schedule but gives good list of people working in this space and examples perhaps of work that I can use.
Kingfisher  engaged  journalism  solutions 
2 days ago by czuegner
Post about ?Engage communities at ICA
Good post with resources about meeting at ICA of engage journalists scholsar.s.
Look at contium and see where we fit along there. Look at pulblsihing like this.
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2 days ago by czuegner
[no title]
Medium piece about engaged journalims workshop before AEJMC. Need to try to submit something to it.
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2 days ago by czuegner
WHSmith moves Daily Telegraph from ‘news’ to ‘magazine’ section | Financial Times
“The WHSmith approach fits with the Telegraph trying some radical ideas, like no longer even pretending to publish news"
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2 days ago by yorksranter
"Notaufnahme Live" sorgt für gute Quoten bei Kabel Eins -
Die kurzfristig angekündigte Sendung "Notaufnahme Live" hat am Donnerstag bei Kabel Eins für gute Quoten gesorgt. An der RTLzwei-Reihe "Hartes Deutschland" und den Vox-Filmen kam man aber nicht vorbei. Starke Quoten gab's zudem am Vorabend.
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2 days ago by Scub4
NEW: the tutorial from last night's session is up: techniques for repor…
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2 days ago by jonhew
It’s time, people.

Submit your evidence by 25/03/2020 to the future of journalism inquiry of the…
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