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I didn't want to fly – so I took a cargo ship from Germany to Canada | Travel | The Guardian
Guardian article by guy who took cargo ship from Hamburg to Canada. Has details of agencies that deal with cargo journies.
travel  cargo  ship  sea  train  air  carbon  emissions  journey  fly  flight  boat 
7 weeks ago by piperh
ぎっくり腰になってすぐに海外出張にいくことになった - YAMAGUCHI::weblog
ice  health  medicine  journey  trip  howto 
8 weeks ago by pillow
Safe travels everyone! Also - buy our game for your - it will make your so much more enjoy…
NintendoSwitch  journey  from twitter
9 weeks ago by lisov
Journey into Observability: Reading material | Mads Hartmann
I’ve been reading up on observability over the last three months. In this post I have organized the material into a sort of recommended reading order. It doesn’t reflect the order in which I read it, but I think this order would’ve made more sense.
journey  observability  reading  list  getting-started 
11 weeks ago by pinterb
Saturn Transits: 12th House – Jessica Davidson
MUST read: Superb summary of Saturn's transit of your (natal) 12th house, which lasts 2-3 years. This post can help you ground yourself in the process
12th  house  astrology  reference  saturn  exceptional  transit  consequences  disruption  transformation  cycle  journey  ego  spirit 
november 2019 by csrollyson
(20) Why Journey's last song was the hardest to compose - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
towatch  journey  youtube 
november 2019 by andrewcox
Mystic Warrior Practice – Introduction – Jessica Davidson
Exceptional: A beautiful description of a "mystic warrior" journey, letting go of Ego and reuniting with God
spirituality  csrblogcomment  ego  spirit  god  universe  journey  exceptional 
november 2019 by csrollyson
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GIF travel, sleep, trip, cars, chill, relax, drive, back, enjoy, machine, leather, journey, chevrolet, sit, suv, seats, namaste car, captiva, general motors, chevrolet captiva Giphy ______
travel  sleep  trip  cars  chill  relax  drive  back  enjoy  machine  leather  journey  chevrolet  sit  suv  seats  namaste  car  captiva  general  motors  wynajem  samochody  auta 
october 2019 by architektura
OpenText Core Experience Insights
A SaaS which allows organisations to map customer journeys and track customer activity across touchpoints.
customer  journey  cdp  saas  map 
october 2019 by ijy

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