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Stop Saying Stegosploit Is An Exploit | Endgame
The operative text in that screenshot is<script src=”elephant3.jpg”></script>, which takes a valid image file and interprets it as JavaScript. It simply injects the malicious code into a carrier signal so it looks innocuous. While it may seem like it is splitting hairs, it’s an extremely important distinction between “looking at this photo will exploit your machine”, and “this photo is camouflage that hides an exploit that has already occurred.”
jpeg  jpg  png  javascript  stego  endgame  stegosploit 
26 days ago by bwiese
JPEG XL could let you pack twice as many photos into your phone - CNET
But there's a war brewing, and JPEG XL isn't alone. Apple and Google have their own ideas.
jpeg  HEVC 
27 days ago by euler
VPNFilter EXIF to C2 mechanism analysed - Securelist
Using GPS coordinates in JPEG EXIF as a source of C2 IP's is sneaky
malware  C2  JPEG  EXIF  GPS  encoding 
7 weeks ago by asteroza
How to compress cellular automata images
"don’t use lossy compression on images of Cellular Automata or in general, on highly structured artificial images with lots of fine details"
cellularAutomata  image  compression  lossy  lossless  PNG  JPEG  WebP  FLIF  clevermarks  WebPerf 
9 weeks ago by nhoizey

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