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New(ish) Mirai Spreader Poses New Risks - Securelist
Keylogger (hosted as comments within jpeg files)

This botnet operator hosts components embedded within jpeg comments, a technique they have been using since 2013. These techniques provide very large file objects. So, even a fresh image downloaded by this bot of Taylor Swift contains 2.3mb of keylogging code first seen 2016.10.30 (ad0496f544762a95af11f9314e434e94)

code signing certificates appear to be stolen from a solar and semiconductor grinding wafer products manufacturer in Northwest China
keylogger  cybersecurity  jpeg  exif  botnet  certificates 
8 days ago by bwiese
NEON is the new black: fast JPEG optimization on ARM servers | Hacker News
libjpegturbo is a great choice if you need fast CPU JPEG encoding/decoding. It's a very near drop-in replacement for libjpeg, and it runs about 2x faster, mostly due to AVX/NEON optimizations.
jpeg  image  arm 
10 days ago by dhotson
NEON is the new black: fast JPEG optimization on ARM server
Useful resources
Arm Compiler armasm User Guide
Procedure Call Standard for the ARM 64-bit Architecture
ARM NEON Intrinsics Reference
Coding for NEON
Tagged with ARM, qualcomm, Performance, Polish, NEON
arm  jpeg  cpu  performance 
11 days ago by euler
cloudflare/jpegtran: jpegtran fork with significant performance improvements
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
12 days ago by geetarista
Compressive Images Revisited
Compressive images is a technique to provide large low quality JPEGs in order to save bandwidth. This was developed in 2012. Is this technique still of use nowadays?
image  images  jpeg  compression  compressive-images  filamentgroup  bandwidth 
28 days ago by vaupeh
A deblocking JPEG decoder
jpeg  c++  codec  via:hackernews 
5 weeks ago by Z303

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