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Simplify REST API development for modern Single-page apps with SQL Server | SQL Database Engine Blog
JSON functionalities that are added in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database enable application developers to easily expose relational data from database tables and create REST API that will provide data to modern JavaScript single-page applications. In this post you will see how can JSON simplify your REST API development.
sqlserver  json  REST 
2 days ago by cothrun
List of JSON tools for command line – Ilya's blog
I am considering making a JSON parsing and generating command line tool. Started with looking around a bit. Below is a list of existing JSON command line tools. Numbers are [GitHub stars] at the time of writing this post. (... contributed by ...) means that this post was updated with the item. jq [11126] - filter, extract,…
cli  json  tools 
2 days ago by ctrlmaxdel
Using aws-cli --query Option To Simplify Output -
Nice little tutorial demonstrating how to capture AWS command output from Bash Shell scripts into variables to use in scripts.

e.g. Get the status of an RDS Instance e.g. started, stopped, starting, stopping, modifying that sort of thing. You can do it like this:

rds_instance_status=$(aws --profile my-profile rds describe-db-instances --db-instance-identifier helis-staging-rds-instance-1 --query 'DBInstances[0].DBInstanceStatus')

Note that the query option drills down the output, which, by default is returned as JSON text.
blog  tutorial  howto  example  guide  reference  capture  aws  cli  commandline  output  bash  shell  script  query  json  totry  tolearn  tounderstand 
3 days ago by racl101
Datasets -
Public Crime Databases in JSON
JSON  Crime  Public 
3 days ago by neuralmarket

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