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Formidable Forms API for extendable WordPress forms
Send your Formidable entry data to any other site that has a REST API. This includes the option of sending entries from a Formidable form on one site to a Formidable form on another.
wp  wordless  wordpress  form  api  wp-json  json  rest 
18 hours ago by pioneerskies
JMESPath is a query language for JSON.
javascript  json  query  jmespath 
2 days ago by sandipb
You need all and vaild fields filled in. Google says "If you define the the image property of…
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3 days ago by jhill5
config/ at master · lightbend/config
"HOCON (Human-Optimized Config Object Notation)
This is an informal spec, but hopefully it's clear.

Goals / Background
The primary goal is: keep the semantics (tree structure; set of types; encoding/escaping) from JSON, but make it more convenient as a human-editable config file format.

The following features are desirable, to support human usage:

less noisy / less pedantic syntax
ability to refer to another part of the configuration (set a value to another value)
import/include another configuration file into the current file
a mapping to a flat properties list such as Java's system properties
ability to get values from environment variables
ability to write comments
Implementation-wise, the format should have these properties:

a JSON superset, that is, all valid JSON should be valid and should result in the same in-memory data that a JSON parser would have produced.
be deterministic; the format is flexible, but it is not heuristic. It should be clear what's invalid and invalid files should generate errors.
require minimal look-ahead; should be able to tokenize the file by looking at only the next three characters. (right now, the only reason to look at three is to find "//" comments; otherwise you can parse looking at two.)
HOCON is significantly harder to specify and to parse than JSON. Think of it as moving the work from the person maintaining the config file to the computer program."
config  json  syntax  configuration 
4 days ago by earth2marsh

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