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How Blackboards Transformed American Education
JSTOR Daily digs up a 17-year-old article by Steve Krause: "What’s the most transformative piece of technology in U.S. classrooms? Smart boards? Laptops? In a 2000 paper on computers in education, Steven D. Krause argues that it’s one that’s been around for nearly two centuries: the blackboard. And he suggests that if we want to understand how teachers adopt technology, we might want to study its history."
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january 2019 by warnick
JSTOR Religion Collection |
The following titles are included in the JSTOR Religion Collection. Access the collection with your AAR member credentials. 
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august 2018 by csglenn
Wherein I discuss the idea of "topic stability" on a corpus of 60,000 articles in from with…
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may 2018 by sharon_howard

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