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Catalog Choice
Control catalogs and unsolicited mail you receive in your mailbox. Manage all communication channels with retailers.
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4 weeks ago by alexpbrown
Catalog Choice
Service that assists in opting out of physical mail lists.
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march 2018 by adamvig
Catalog Choice And Its Junk Mail-Zapping App Acquired by TrustedID
"Over the past five years, Catalog Choice has processed more than 22.5 million requests from consumers through its website to stop unwanted catalogs, credit card solicitations and other junk mail. The company also runs websites for some 100 U.S. cities that allows residents opt out of junk mail and help lower municipalities’ recycling and landfill costs. Earlier this year, Catalog Choice launched MailStop, an iPhone app that lets people take photos of junk mail and send them to Catalog Choice to be put on an opt-out list."
junk  junkmail  spam  2012 
december 2017 by handcoding
Catalog Choice
"Gather the unwanted catalogs and other junk mail that clutter your home or office. Search for the sender, and submit the opt—out request. We'll take it from there, acting on your behalf to complete your opt-outs while protecting your consumer rights. CatalogChoice can also be used to cancel catalogs and junk mail on behalf of another person, including previous occupants or a deceased family member."
junkmail  spam  2017  mail 
december 2017 by handcoding
Questions about PO boxes and avoiding unwanted paper mail - pobox mailforwarding spam | Ask MetaFilter
This post has some good tips:
"Getting rid of junk mail is my hobby. I have looked into this before, and most of the time, when you close out a PO box, you usually have to leave a forwarding address (if that address is correct...ehhh). BUT, As Ohyeah and COD suggests, usually these are getting pulled from voter registrations, and other publicly published sources of your address. Your billing address for your credit card is sometimes sold as well. Once your address gets 'out there' the junk will continue to amass until you take direct action. These are smart motherfuckers, and you shouldn't have to take it."
mail  junkmail  askmetafilter  ask.metafilter  2017 
august 2017 by handcoding
Ask MetaFilter
I get a lot of mail. About 95% of it is letters from non-profits seeking donations, or other forms of junk mail, and goes straight into the recycling. I'm about to move. For obnoxious reasons not...
junk  junkmail  spam  donotcall 
august 2017 by phubbard

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