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Understanding How Apache Pulsar Works — Jack Vanlightly
I will be writing a series of blog posts about Apache Pulsar, including
some Kafka vs Pulsar posts. First up though I will be running some chaos
tests on a Pulsar cluster like I have done with RabbitMQ and Kafka to see
what failure modes it has and its message loss scenarios.

I will try to do this by either exploiting design defects, implementation
bugs or poor configuration on the part of the admin or developer.

In this post we’ll go through the Apache Pulsar design so that we...
pulsar  kafka 
yesterday by yehosef
How We Monitor and Run Kafka at Scale | SignalFx
From our experience over the last two years, we’ve found that it’s most useful to notify on alerts for the two leading indicators: Log Flush Latency (95P) and Under Replicated Partitions.
kafka  monitoring  sysadmin 
yesterday by sptz45
confluentinc/cp-ansible: Ansible playbooks for the Confluent Platform
Ansible playbooks for the Confluent Platform. Contribute to confluentinc/cp-ansible development by creating an account on GitHub.
ansible  kafka  github 
6 days ago by snahor

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