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Kafka consumer with golang – λ.eranga – Medium
I’m writing kafka consumer with golang. Consumer reads messages from topic senz. You can take whatever action with the read messages(for an example index message in elasticserarch). To publish…
golang  kafka  consumer 
yesterday by shrike
The Uber Insurance Engineering team extended ’s role in our existing event-driven architecture by using non-b…
Kafka  from twitter_favs
yesterday by moderation
It's Okay To Store Data In Kafka
Covers differences from messaging:

"* As we described, Kafka stores a persistent log which can be re-read and kept indefinitely.
* Kafka is built as a modern distributed system: it’s runs as a cluster, can expand or contract elastically, and replicates data internally for fault-tolerance and high-availability.
* Kafka is built to allow real-time stream processing, not just processing of a single message at a time. This allows working with data streams at a much higher level of abstraction.
EventSourcing  Kafka 
4 days ago by colin.jack

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