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Data Manifesto – Kevin Kelly – Medium
To manage the web of relationships, rights and responsibilities of data will require technological and social tools that don’t exist yet.
kevin_kelly  manifesto  data 
june 2019 by mreinbold
The Underpopulation Bomb – Kevin Kelly – Medium
> To counter this scary population implosion Japan, Russia, Australia pay bonuses for newborns. Singapore (with the lowest fertility rate in the world) will pay couples $5,000 for a first child and up to $18,000 for a third child — but to no avail; Singapore’s rate is less than 1 child per woman. In the past drastic remedies for reducing fertility rates were hard, but they worked. Drastic remedies for increasing fertility don’t seem to work so far.
kevin_kelly  underpopulation  fertility  2019 
june 2019 by porejide
Stewart Brand and the Whole Earth Catalog, the book that changed the world | Books | The Observer
> Kevin Kelly tells me that he says when he has an idea, he tries to act on it within 10 minutes, which just seems impossibly dynamic. But then, Fred Turner points out, "he's also had a lifetime of organising. And a lifetime teaches you things. I assure you that when he was much younger he did not feel he needed to get things done in 10 minutes. He would do things like take his entire production staff out into the desert, inflate a giant plastic bubble, and try to live around and inside that bubble to see how that affected production." Adversely, it turned out. But then Brand is first and foremost a scientist. As was the case when he gave away $20,000 in cash, he wants to test things empirically. He's an experimenter who's always prepared to test his theories.
de_extinction  2013  stewart_brand  kevin_kelly  biotech  entrepreneurship  science 
august 2013 by porejide
7 Stories to read this weekend
Happy 2013 everyone. I am starting off a new year with the promise that I will try and share interesting stories to read every weekend. This week, I am starting with some fun stuff — pickpockets and resolutions.
A pickpocket’s tale: New Yorker’s Adam Green writes about master pickpocket Apollo Robbins of Las Vegas. It is just a delightful read and it also taught me a lot about a man and his devotion to his art/craft. Jerry Seinfeld intends to die standing: Talking about devotion to one’s craft, this profile of Jerry Seinfeld is pretty eye-opening and educational. Pre Globalism: Kevin Kelly talks about the ease of global tourism and our shrinking world. I quite enjoyed this post by ex-Wired editor who is also one of my favorite writers/thinkers. The most amazing bowling story: Yeah, it is the quest for perfect score and how it almost killed Bill Fong. Great piece. How do you explain machine learning and data mining to non computer people?: Good question — and great answers on this Quora thread. Five things you can do to succeed in keeping your New Year resolutions: Deb Lee has some good tips that are worth noting. Me, myself and I: Olivia Laing writes about the downsides and upsides of loneliness. Being an ex-New Yorker, I know what she means.
Kevin_Kelly  Om_Says  Jerry_Seinfeld  from google
january 2013 by amitry
The Technium: The Post-Productive Economy
"Everything changed, however, when computers married the telephone. This is when ordinary people noticed computers. They could get online. Everything went online. Retail changed, production changed, occupations changed. This communication revolution accelerated change elsewhere. Processes and gizmos got smarter because they were connected. Now the advantages of personal computers made sense because in fact they were just local terminals in something bigger: the network. As the Sun Computer company famously put it: the network is the computer. So the 3rd Industrial Revolution is not really computers and the internet, it is the networking of everything. And in that regime we are just at the beginning of the beginning. We have only begun to connect everything to everything and to make little network minds everywhere. It may take another 80 years for the full affect of this revolution to be revealed."
Kevin_Kelly  technology  2013  network  industrial_revolution  connected 
january 2013 by Preoccupations

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