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Never limit yourself to just one point of view. Find out why at:
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11 days ago by tolkien
Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (109 Models Explained)
The smartest people in the world use mental models to make intelligent decisions, avoid stupidity, and increase productivity. Let's take a look at how ...
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12 days ago by ohnice
The Alchemist’s Garden: “On Not Knowing Everything”
from Jesse Riggs

"As a gardener and a witch, I would like to suggest to folks a path to knowledge in depth about witchcraft that does not require joining any groups or being initiated or paying any fees or even learning another language. :) Not a human one, anyhow. Choose one plant, something that grows in your climate without a great amount of difficulty. Learn its lore by researching it in books, articles, history. Watch how it grows. Harvest its parts and make them into things for magic. Spend time with it and be open to its spirit, ready to listen if it wants to speak directly but willing to accept if it wants to communicate obliquely, though images in dreams, for instance. Do this for at least three years, so you can see it in its cycle. I can guarantee you will learn more about magic from that one single plant than from all the websites, forums, books, groups, classes taught by individuals claiming mastery of this, that, and the other secret thing. That knowledge will be yours, rock solid, tested in the concrete and magical worlds. And it will lead you down many other paths to bodies of knowledge now not apparent."
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12 days ago by cosmic

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