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The Mathematics of Our Search for Meaning
Really good literature goes further, and leaves us with the possibility of many interpretations. We come face to face with the incomputability of the Kolmogorov complexity.
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august 2018 by Walpole
Kolmogorov Complicity And The Parable Of Lightning | Slate Star Codex
But also: maybe this is how common knowledge spreads. Maybe some atheists survive, go into science, become vaguely aware of each other’s existence, feel like they have safety in numbers, get a little bolder, and maybe the Church decides it’s not worth killing all of them. Maybe everyone stays quiet until Mao dies, and then Deng and Zhao look at each other and say “So, just between you and me, all of that was totally insane, right?” I don’t know how often this happens. But the chances seem better than for open defiance followed by certain retribution.
politics  technology  honest  Kolmogorov  russia  soviet  union 
october 2017 by farmckon
The Kolmogorov option
Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov was one of the giants of 20th-century mathematics. I’ve always found it amazing that the same man was responsible both for establishing the foundations of classical probability theory in the 1930s, and also for co-inventing the theory of algorithmic randomness (a.k.a. Kolmogorov complexity) in the 1960s, which challenged the classical foundations, by holding that it is possible after all to talk about the entropy of an individual object, without reference to any ensemble from which the object was drawn. Incredibly, going strong into his eighties, Kolmogorov then pioneered the study of “sophistication,” which amends Kolmogorov complexity to assign low values both to “simple” objects and “random” ones, and high values only to a third category of objects, which are “neither simple nor random.” So, Kolmogorov was at the vanguard of the revolution, counter-revolution, and counter-counter-revolution.
culture  mathematics  history  ethics  Kolmogorov  conflict  truth  restraint 
august 2017 by zzkt
Kolmogorov Complexity
The Kolmogorov Complexity of a finite string is the length of the shortest program which will print that string.

For coin flipping sequences, Kolmogorov complexity is equal to Shannon entropy, plus or minus a sublinear term.

For other sequences, Kolmogorov complexity is smaller than the Shannon entropy of the string if modeled as a coin flipping sequence.

Conclusion: Coin flipping is the worst.
complexity  kolmogorov  computerscience  informationtheory  information 
may 2016 by neomindryan
"Kolmogorov music" by Christopher Ford - YouTube
Kolmogorov complexity analysis suggests that we can measure how well we understand a piece of music by the concision of a program that produces it.
kolmogorov  clojure  overtone  video  strangeloop 
october 2015 by jesusgollonet

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