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Paul Done's Technical Blog: Deploying a MongoDB Replica Set as a GKE Kubernetes StatefulSet
"Part 1 in a series of posts about running MongoDB on Kubernetes, with the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)."
mongodb  kubernetes  gke  docker 
yesterday by anl
Creating a simple shared persistent storage for micro-services in Kubernetes
Micro-services are vastly used nowadays due to the advantages over the modules having monolith architecture. Micro-services can work either in totally independent manner or connected manner. Where as there are situations that you need to have a common storage for set of micro-services. via Pocket
yesterday by goeran
Kubernetes: Assigning Pod Security Policies with RBAC
This policy will be implicitly accessible to cluster admins and chosen by default since they have access to all resources. This policy is the least restrictive you can create. This policy we will explicitly assign to all authenticated users. via Pocket
kubernetes  rbac 
yesterday by goeran
Installing a Kubernetes 1.11 Cluster On CentOS 7.5(1804) The Manual Way - Installing 3 Master Nodes, Etcd - Part 1 | Eli's Blog
While there are many places describing the Kubernetes installation process, they mostly use the kubeadm utility. which is not officially support for a multi-master configuration. in the next few articles, I will be showing you how to configure a Kubernetes cluster manually without using the kubeadm utility.
yesterday by whip_lash
olegsu/iris: Watch on Kubernetes events, filter and send them as standard wehbook to any system
Watch on Kubernetes events, filter and send them as standard wehbook to any system
golang  kubernetes 
yesterday by geetarista
Now this must be one of the nicest intros to I've seen out there - Kubernetes & Traefik 101— When Simpl…
Kubernetes  from twitter
yesterday by puja
Experiences with running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes
An interview about our experience running PostgreSQL on on-premise Kubernetes, covering the challenges involved, open source and commercial tools that can help and other alternatives to managing stateful applications on Kubernetes.
kubernetes  postgresql 
yesterday by brunns
Istio Aims To Be The Mesh Plumbing For Containerized Microservices
“The latter piece can be the tricky one when using containers to develop microservices. How do you link up all the component parts when they may be spread across a cluster of server nodes, and instances of them are continually popping up and later being retired as they are replaced by updated versions? In a service-oriented architecture (SOA), which microservices can be seen as the evolutionary heir to, this kind of task is analogous to that taken care of by an enterprise service bus (ESB). So what is needed is a kind of cloud-native version of an ESB.... This is the job that Istio, a relatively new open source project, aims to fill. It is officially described as a service mesh, because parts of it are distributed across the infrastructure alongside the containers it manages, and it sets out to meet the requirements of service discovery, load balancing, message routing, telemetry, and monitoring – and, of course, security.”
istio  containers  kubernetes  cloudnative  servicemesh 
2 days ago by cote

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