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Kubernetes on AWS? — Caution – .Cloud Opinion – Medium
This will only gets worse as time goes on, as both Google and Amazon are now upping their war publicly and behaving more like old cable companies and TV stations that we so detest: Please see …
kubernetes  cloud  aws  criticisms 
36 minutes ago by vonc
Tweaking an EFK stack on Kubernetes: Fluentd configuration and Logtrail
This is the continuation of my last post regarding EFK on Kubernetes. In this post we will mainly focus on configuring Fluentd/Fluent Bit but there will also be a Kibana tweak with the Logtrail…
kubernetes  fluentd  efk  article  configmap 
37 minutes ago by vonc
Blue/Green Deployments using Helm Charts – Puneet Saraswat – Medium
I am big fan of Labels and Selectors feature Kubernetes offers. K8s Services use them to target Pods which enables diverse use cases for traffic routing. In this article, I will demonstrate how we…
kubernetes  helm  chart  bluegreen  deployment  label  selector  article  important 
48 minutes ago by vonc
That moment when you realise you haven't used the dashboard in days and you're doing everything on the…
Kubernetes  from twitter_favs
10 hours ago by tgeek
Sharing a local registry with minikube – Hasura
If you’re developing with minikube you need to use containers. Containers need images, and during development you may want to frequently modify images. To complete your development workflow you need…
minikube  registry  kubernetes  docker 
yesterday by fakebanana

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