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Ben Tarnoff on Twitter: "Last night, inspired by a footnote in Joan Greenbaum's book Windows on the Workplace, I went down a wormhole learning about Kristen Nygaard, the co-creater of object-oriented programming and an important figure in the Norwegian la
@bentarnoff: Last night, inspired by a footnote in Joan Greenbaum's book Windows on the Workplace, I went down a wormhole learning about Kristen Nygaard, the co-creater of object-oriented programming and an important figure in the Norwegian labor movement.

(Relates to his invention of Simula)
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2 hours ago by mechazoidal
In Need of Workers, the Midwest Recruits From Puerto Rico - WSJ
Companies recruit on the island, which is losing population, to find people to work in Ohio, Iowa and Nebraska.
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2 days ago by areadevelopment
Bringing the Kitchen Out of the House - e-flux Architecture - e-flux
Urban kitchens are used by a community and act as complementary to private ones, which have ceased to be regularly used as a result of the propagation of this communal typology. Since the origin of the typology, these domestic, yet communal organizations have become spaces for the formation of political communities and agencies that go beyond the act of cooking and eating. They are radical systems that blur not only the established limits between private and public, between family structures and domestic roles, between labor and housekeeping, between female and male roles… but that also act as a place for neighborhood management in a way that is connected directly with municipal and larger political institutions. They are a model that has influenced Peru’s neighboring countries and beyond, and have led replicas and similar formulas to propagate....

this resulted in two general strikes, one in 1977 and the other in 1978, as well as many other smaller, more sector-specific strikes. The economic instability and struggles taking place during these years gave rise to the organization of collective cooking, typically in front of markets, to supply food to those suffering from the recession. The act of collecting leftovers from markets and citizens volunteering made the instability of the moment visible....

During that moment, a group of women began to extrapolate this collective form of cooking to their neighborhoods, arranging spaces for community food production in the vicinity of their homes. During those years, an international food program subsidy was in place, which was organized and managed by different NGOs and Catholic organizations, such as Caritas. Because of this, it was not unheard of or impractical to encourage a self-managed system of food production and distribution among those who were receiving assistance....

the programmatic and legal constraints of governmental programs tend to work against projects that understand the house as an urban infrastructure. Even if there is a clear need for these domestic-urban infrastructures, there are still a host of legal barriers and social bias that prevent them from growing and evolving.
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3 days ago by shannon_mattern
BuzzFeed Journalists Said to Vote to Unionize in Wake of Layoffs - Bloomberg
BuzzFeed Inc.’s journalists, reeling from a round of layoffs, voted to unionize and plan to inform management as soon as Wednesday, according to a person familiar with the matter.

An overwhelming majority of workers voted in favor of the decision to join NewsGuild, the labor union that’s part of the Communications Workers of America, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the information isn’t yet public. A spokesman for the union didn’t respond to requests for comment.
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3 days ago by craniac
Alexis Ohanian warns against the dangers of "hustle porn" — Quartz at Work
“Hustle porn,” as Ohanian so deliciously calls it, is distracting young entrepreneurs from doing good work, and reinforcing sexist stereotypes that to win in tech, you have to ditch everything outside of work and devote your life to your company, a tradeoff many people (and women especially) simply cannot make. He shared this perspective at Web Summit, one of Europe’s largest tech conferences, held Nov. 5-8 in Libson, as Nicholas Say reported for MoneyMakers.
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4 days ago by craniac
This Thriving City—and Many Others—Could Soon Be Disrupted by Robots - WSJ
Automation might not mean lower employment overall, but it can still take away jobs as it notches gains in productivity
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4 days ago by areadevelopment

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