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Engineering Ladders at Meetup – Making Meetup – Medium
RT @lara_hogan: I've got a new post on Making Meetup - about refreshing the Engineering Career Ladders!
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9 weeks ago by adrianh
Engineering Ladders at Meetup – Making Meetup – Medium
Clear Expectations is one of the three pillars of management at Meetup. In my role as a fractional VP of Engineering, I was ecstatic to help Meetup’s HR team develop a new cross-company leveling…
engineering  ladder  management  career 
9 weeks ago by lightningdb
RN Professional Ladder - Infographic
Learn about how you can find growth in your career as a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles!
CHLA  Infographic  ladder 
10 weeks ago by TMP
Inside San Franciso's Fire Department, Where Ladders Are Made by Hand
San Franciso's Fire Department makes its own ladders out of wood
art  design  innovation  fire  diy  maker  wood  ladder  tool 
10 weeks ago by yig
A Voight-Kampff Test for Identifying Engineering Managers
The idea behind the Voight-Kampff test is that you take someone who looks supposedly human, ask them a few weird questions, measure the responses, and determine whether they are truly human or a technological marvel.

Coincidentally, this is exactly what we needed to accomplish with our tech leads. The best Engineering Managers are interested in people first. The best Architects most fascinated by technology. Human or Android?

But unlike the movie, my approach was not to setup a lie-detector in the office and study tech leads in a lab environment. Instead, I integrated a few exploratory questions into normal 1:1 conversations over the course of several weeks.
career  ladder  management 
june 2018 by jhealy

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