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Running vim as a AWS Lambda Function – Shinya Mochida@型 – Medium
Now Vim script can be thought as one of Serverless application description language, and Vim is the framework for Serverless application.
serverless  lambda  vim 
yesterday by euler
Dashbird - Full Serverless Visibility & Troubleshooting
Failure detection, analytics and visibility for AWS Lambda based applications.
5 minutes setup with no overhead or code changes.
monitoring  serverless  lambda 
3 days ago by kbonnet
AWS Developer Forums: No IPv6? ...
Looking at the Greengrass project was along the right tracks. The answer to my question is no, there is no IPv6 support in Lambda at this time. lists CloudFront, WAF, S3, Route 53, IoT, ELB, and Direct Connect.
aws  lambda  serverless  ipv6  cloud 
3 days ago by dentarg
Announcing Ruby Support for AWS Lambda
This post is courtesy of Xiang Shen Senior – AWS Solutions Architect and Alex Wood Software Development Engineer – AWS SDKs and Tools Ruby remains a popular programming language for AWS customers. In the summer of 2011, AWS introduced the initial release of AWS SDK for Ruby, which has helped Ruby developers to better integrate and […]
ruby  code  aws  lambda 
3 days ago by beery
AWS LambdaのRuby Runtimeを使ってみた #reinvent | DevelopersIO
待望のRuby Runtime AWS Lambdaで待ちに待ったRuby Runtimeがやって来ました!待ちわびたRubyistは多いんじゃないでしょうか。 Announcing Ruby Support for A […]
aws  lambda  ruby 
3 days ago by oppara

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