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AWS Kinesis with Lambdas: Lessons Learned · trivago techblog
Everything screamed out for a streaming architecture to be put in place. The solution was designed on the backbone of Kinesis streams, Lambda functions and lots of lessons learned. We use Apache Kafka to capture the changelog from MySQL tables and sink these records to AWS Kinesis. The Kinesis streams will then trigger AWS Lambdas which would then transform the data. These are our learnings from building a fully reactive serverless pipeline on AWS.
aws  amazon  lambda  serverless  streaming  guides  lessonslearned 
22 hours ago by dlkinney
The Right Way™ to do Serverless in Python (Part 2) – IOpipe Blog
In Part 1 we covered the serverless basics and got our feet wet with the Serverless Framework. If you haven’t read that part yet, it’s highly encouraged that you start there. Assuming you’ve followed…
aws  lambda  serverless  python 
yesterday by geetarista
15 Key Takeaways from the Serverless Talk at AWS Startup Day
Best current practices for AWS Lambda usage. (still pretty messy/hacky/Rube-Goldberg-y from the looks of it tbh)
aws  lambda  serverless  ops  hacks  amazon 
yesterday by jm

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