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Anime with dual subtitles (JP and EN)
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3 hours ago by hush
Book: Because Internet – Gretchen McCulloch
A linguistically informed look at how our digital world is transforming the English language.
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yesterday by justaj
Florence Hazrat, "Pause and Effect," History Today
"During late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages, classical texts were under threat as fewer and fewer knew how to punctuate them. Faced with a potential loss of meaning, scribes and scholars introduced a system of marking pauses, which included a pause between elements of a single sentence whose sense is not complete (which would become a comma), a pause between elements whose sense is complete yet their sentence is not (the future colon) and a pause between two sentences (the full stop)."

"The 15th century saw a boom of inventive punctuation, including the exclamation mark, the semicolon and brackets (or parentheses). New marks arise when a lack of clarity needs to be redressed, communication controlled and sense disambiguated, an emergency perhaps stemming from greater reliance on written diplomacy as well as the newly fashionable art of letter writing."

"What the interrobang does show, however, is that our prime concern today crowds around the absence of tone in writing."
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yesterday by briansholis

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