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Exclusive world news without limits of language or geography, delivering the best international journalism in English for the first time.
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59 minutes ago by pgorrindo
Carlo Suares: The Cipher of Genesis: Letter-Numbers of the Hebrew Alphabet: Revived Qabalah:
The present writer, being obliged to use our language in order to make himself understood, cannot offer the reader the truth of Genesis, but only images of that truth. Our language is of sensous origin. By its use, we can only understand by means of imagery. Nevertheless we shall do our best not to stray into illusory beliefs and dreams of the supernatural.
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yesterday by mattrud
O.a. Corpus gesproken Nederlands
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yesterday by lena
How to change the interface language in Mozilla Firefox | Digital Citizen
If your browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox and you do not know how to change its user interface language, then you should read this guide. We show you two ways to get Firefox working in any language that you want.
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2 days ago by aeng

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