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Disabled, not "differently abled"
It’s not the end of the world if people get it wrong, but there’s a reason why people still claim the term disabled. Not because their bodies are broken, but because they understand that they occupy a political category, not a medical category, that needs to keep advocating for its rights. To occupy the status of disabled means you’re acknowledging your embodiment is with cross purposes to the affordances of the built environment, or the way education is structured or transportation operates. So people that I know would say “I’m disabled, not because my legs don’t work but because the world is full of stairs.”
[This article is a good example of the ethical mish-mash that many people operate under. She believes some of the right things, and some things that are far too humanist.]
language  society  medicine 
11 hours ago by xianoforange
BBC - Capital - The cost of changing an entire country’s alphabet
The Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan is changing its alphabet from Cyrillic script to the Latin-based style favoured by the West. What are the economics of such a change?
cyrillic  kazakh  language  font  change  east  west  europe  alphabet 
12 hours ago by xer0x

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