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Celebratory taste of continues in night two with dinner.
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8 days ago by jhill5
Clark County official critical of creating tourism district (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/16/2019)
County officials criticized a proposed tourism district near the Palace Station hotel that would see a new entertainment district built, but cost Clark County sales tax dollars for the next two decades.
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21 days ago by davidkoren
We are excited to announce 's 657-room flagship Hotel & Casino with Highgate featuring th…
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7 weeks ago by sriramv
RT : This is an already well known piece of , but there you go 1984-2018 via 🛰️| &…
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8 weeks ago by matthiasdaues
Venedig liegt im Wiener Prater - Tutscheks Zeitreiseblog - › Diskurs
"im Bereich des Kaisergartens (zwischen Hauptallee, Praterstern und Ausstellungsstraße) konnte man ab 1895 "Venedig in Wien" besuchen (..)

50.000 Quadratmeter wollten mit typischem venezianischen Flair gefüllt werden. Drei große Plätze bildeten das Zentrum der Anlage, umspült von Kanälen, die echtes Venedig-Feeling vermitteln sollten. Etwa einen Kilometer lang war das Kanalsystem, auf dem die Gondolieri ihre Fahrten anboten, jeder Kanal etwa fünf breit und mit leichtem Gefälle versehen. Zwei größere Becken dienten zum Aus- und Einsteigen der Gäste. (..)

Als geflügeltes Wort soll der Spruch "Wir gehen heut Abend nach Venedig" die Runde gemacht haben."
vienna  prater  fair  venice  faux  canal  novelty  lasvegas  venetian 
12 weeks ago by gohai
Not happy with right now. This is the bag drop situation in Vegas. I either never fly again or only u…
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12 weeks ago by geekzter
The Omelet House Index
Jerry Seinfeld went there with Jerry Lewis on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
LasVegas  restaurants  travel  food 
july 2019 by marcijoy
Wuh... 6.6 Magnitude felt in Las Vegas. Not that funny in the 36st floor 😳
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july 2019 by homofaber
What Happens In Vegas - sabrecmc - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]

“What the hell, Tony?” Rhodey demanded brusquely. Tony winced and drew the phone away from his ear. “You’ve got cops and Feds all over the hotel. I’m watching you perp walk out of the police station on repeat on CNN. They’re saying you tried to bribe Stern? Fox News has you selling weapons on the black market, and God that picture they’re using is the one from Bali in ’09. You look like shit. They wheeled Stern out and put him in an ambulance, by the way. Got some paparazzi swearing you decked the guy. Now they’ve got ‘copters following it like he’s OJ.”

“Yeah, don’t worry, Sourpatch, I’ve got it covered. Uh, though, I should probably tell you that, purely in the interests of national security and the greater good, I kind of had to fake marry that stripper-gram you sent. Thanks for that, by the way,” Tony added quickly.
fake.relationship  lasvegas  p:steve/tony  f:avengers  au  f:marvel 
july 2019 by miss_speller
Thank you to for an amazing time in celebrating education, innovation, and progress.…
LasVegas  from twitter_favs
july 2019 by tolkien
I’m not digging the weather ⛈ or my delayed flight 🛫 to get to but it was sweet to see my forme…
lasvegas  from twitter_favs
june 2019 by tolkien

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