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Karakuri puppet - Wikipedia
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Barr pushes back against Trump’s criticism of Justice Dept., says tweets ‘make it impossible for me to do my job’
“Behind that public fight, according to people familiar with the discussions, is a deeper tension between Trump and Barr’s Justice Department over the lack of criminal charges against former FBI director James B. Comey and those close to him.… [Trump] thinks Comey should be charged with crimes, and he was particularly upset that no charges were filed over the former FBI director’s handling of memos about his interactions with Trump.… Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz referred Comey’s handling of the memos to prosecutors for possible criminal prosecution, but lawyers quickly determined it was not a close call and did not seek to build a case. That sent Trump into a rage, according to people briefed on his comments.

“Trump’s anger over the lack of charges against FBI personnel flared again in January… Around the same time, The Washington Post reported that U.S. Attorney John Huber in Utah — tapped years earlier to reinvestigate several issues related to vague allegations of corruption against Hillary Clinton — had quietly wound down his work after finding nothing of consequence.

“In recent weeks, these people said, the president’s anger has focused increasingly on Jessie Liu, the former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, whose office has been handling many of the cases related to Comey and other former FBI officials. That office has recently conducted interviews in a leak inquiry, eyeing senior FBI officials over news stories in 2017 that discussed a top-secret Russian intelligence document that influenced Comey’s decision-making in 2016. Many of investigators’ questions have seemed focused on the former FBI director.

“Separately, Barr tapped U.S. Attorney John Durham in Connecticut to investigate whether any crimes were committed by FBI and CIA officials in the pursuit of allegations in 2016 that Russia interfered in the election to benefit Trump’s campaign. After learning that the Huber investigation is not likely to produce charges, Trump has become more insistent that Durham finish his work soon, according to people familiar with the discussions. Trump, these people said, wants to be able to use whatever Durham finds as a cudgel in his reelection campaign.”
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