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Scala Tutorial | Lazy Evaluation
<p>Quickly Learn Scala Through An Interactive Tutorial Based On The First Two Courses Of The Scala MOOCs.
scala  lazy 
7 days ago by lgtout
Definition of "tail recursive" wrt Folds
> tail recursion is not that useful of a concept in a
lazy language like Haskell

18 days ago by FTS
Faster Image Loading With Embedded Image Previews — Smashing Magazine
seriously nerdy technique for embedding blurry preview for lazy loading inside a progressive jpeg.
webdev  image  img  jpeg  lazy  load  loading  progressive  performance 
28 days ago by piperh
Tips for rolling your own lazy loading | CSS-Tricks
You may have heard (or even issued the call) that “we can just use lazy loading!” when looking for a way to slim down a particularly heavy web page. Lazy
toread  loading  css  image  lazy 
4 weeks ago by ruairi
Fwd: Do It Now: Check Your Emergency Fund
Knowing is half the battle, but DOING is what really matters. I wanted to
make calculating how long your emergency fund will last as easy as
possible. Or, to be on brand, the Lazy Man way. That means taking a short
cut in estimating monthly expenses, because that's the pain point. I take a
little of a Suze Orman rough edge approach for motivation. I also offer a
chance at an Amazon gift card at the end for those who do extra credit on
their homework assignment. It's not long, but that's precisely the point.
To make it more personal, I give some details about my emergency fund as an
example. Also, a royalty-free picture of Steven Tyler is involved.
(Submitted  by  Lazy  Man  and  Money  <>) 
4 weeks ago by apexmoney
Alexa, snooze my alarm tomorrow 15 times
lazy  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by zen4ever
Disabling LazyLoad on Specific Images - WP Rocket Knowledge Base
In this Article Disable LazyLoad on an image Disable LazyLoad on an image class Disable LazyLoad by image source Disable LazyLoad on avatars Disable LazyLoad on
wp-rocket  wp  rocket  cache  caching  lazy  load  lazyload  image  images 
6 weeks ago by jennettefulda

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