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Becoming Trustworthy White Allies | Reflections
I believe it is possible to become trustworthy white allies if we are willing to move out of our comfort zones, risk having our assumptions challenged, our lives disrupted, and our way of viewing the world transformed. Most important is the commitment to stay on the journey. Unlearning and interrupting the habits, practices, and policies that keep racism and white privilege intact is life-long, life-giving work, never done once and for all.
racism  leadership 
yesterday by jasonsamuels
To Be Nice or Not to Be Nice?
Is it safe for a business person to be nice? Is it possible to do business and be soft-hearted at the same time? I doubt it, but I have a solution.
yesterday by geetarista
Top 10 Excuses to Not Implement Best Practices and 5 Things to do About it
"#1 — Make Failure Real

Companies spend a lot of time studying success stories as a means to derive best practices. This can be a lot like looking at someone’s vacation pictures and it is not evident that the specific best practices identified led to the result. It has been proven that the avoidance of pain is a bigger motivator than the opportunity for pleasure. Exposing the Sr. Executive team to real disasters and having them envision what it might be like for your company will get them asking the right questions (this is the reason they show those DUI crash site movies to kids in driver’s education)."
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yesterday by jonerp
NiLP Datanote: Statistical Profile of New York Latino Elected Officials
In response to our recent analysis of the Latino role in the upcoming New York City party primaries, our readers asked for more information on the make-up of Latino elected officials in the city and state. To address this request, we provide the table and graphs below.
Latinos  Leadership  Hayduk  data  elections  newyork 
yesterday by Jibarosoy
Practices, research, and ideas from Google and other organizations to put people first
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yesterday by kongharald

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