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The Causal Landscape | Psychology Today
> The concept of the causal landscape is to portray a wide array of causes, to help people escape from their single-cause determinate mindset, but then highlight the few causes that matter the most.
2 hours ago by arnalyse
Advice I've often heard from senior developers is to "delegate responsibilities, not tasks".
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7 hours ago by elasticdog
My Employee Accidentally Sent a Rude Message About Me to Me
But while you’re managing Jane, she really can’t be a friend. You can have warm, collegial, friendly relationships with the people you manage, but they can’t be true friends because the power dynamics prohibit that. You need to be able to objectively judge their work, give impartial feedback, and make decisions that could affect their livelihoods. They need to be able to trust that you’re not letting personal feelings influence how you manage them — and to vent about you sometimes too.
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18 hours ago by tjwds
Leadership, Trust and Intangible Services – Trusted Advisor
A leader of cats can’t just be the Greatest Cat: (s)he has the be the one who best understands cat-ness.
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yesterday by markgould13
Untitled (
Leaders need “User Manuals” – and what I learned by writing mine | Abby Falik | Pulse | LinkedIn
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2 days ago by joeyanne
Why People Dislike Really Smart Leaders - Scientific American
brilliant leaders’ words may simply go over people’s heads, their solutions could be more complicated to implement and followers might find it harder to relate to them. Now Simonton and two colleagues have finally tested that idea, publishing their results in the July 2017 issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology.
psychology  leadership  intelligence 
2 days ago by imaginaryfriend

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