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It feels as though we learn better via our preferred learning style, but we don’t – Research Digest
A new study helps explain the enduring appeal of one of psychology's most stubborn myths. By Christian Jarrett
learningstyles  christianjarrett  researchdigest 
5 days ago by actionhero
All You Need to Know About the 'Learning Styles' Myth, in Two Minutes | WIRED
The myth of preferred learning styles states that people learn better when they are taught in a way that matches their preferred style. Yet there is little evidence to support this claim, and plenty of reason to doubt it.
5 days ago by actionhero
Are 'Learning Styles' Real? - The Atlantic
Spoiler: No. Good survey of the neuromyth and its rise to prominence, as well as its manifold problems.
learningstyles  VARK 
13 days ago by kevingannon

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