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Releases · OlgaTPark/tenfourfox
TenFourFox variations for Intel Macs: TenFourFox is for Intel Tiger, TenFive is for Intel Leopard and TenSixFox is for Snow Leopard
tenfourfox  10.5  10.6  leopard  snowleopard  software  mozilla  firefox  retrocomputing  mac  macintosh 
june 2019 by nicoladagostino
The best thing you will watch today. 9 week old cub was found in a sugarcane farm. With active support of…
leopard  from twitter_favs
march 2019 by freethinker
The Soulmen | We Got It! › Ulysses 2.1
With a link to download ULYSSES 1.6 (NON APP STORE VERSION, 10.4-COMPATIBLE)
A completely unlocked legacy version of Ulysses. Still runs on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. This is the exact same version as released previously, just without any activation at all.
software  retrocomputing  mac  macintosh  leopard  tiger  macosx  osx  powerpc  risorse 
february 2019 by nicoladagostino
leopard-webkit / Wiki / Home
The goal of this project is to provide builds of current WebKit sources for Mac OS X 10.5 (PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5, Intel) and 10.6 (Intel 32 Bit, Intel 64 Bit, PowerPC).
The patches necessary for building are available for download as well.
mac  macintosh  safari  powerpc  browser  software  retrocomputing  mh  mhie  macosx  osx  leopard  snowleopard 
february 2019 by nicoladagostino
exFAT support for Mac OS X Leopard PPC. Homebrew formula for Tigerbrew.
osx  leopard  software 
september 2018 by skelly

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