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No distractions -- An NFL veteran opens up on his sexuality
Ryan Russell is a three-year NFL veteran. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 2015 after a successful college career at Purdue. He played one season with the Cowboys and two for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He started seven games for the Bucs in 2017. This is his story, in his own words.
IN EARLY AUGUST, I met with an NFL team that was interested in signing me as a free agent for the upcoming season. This was a big moment for me because, other than the love for my family, playing football again in the NFL is my dream. The team invited me to meet with their front office and members of their coaching staff because, even though I missed all of the 2018 season after suffering a shoulder injury in 2017, I feel the organization believes I have the skills and character to contribute to their success. What they know about me, they like -- but there was one very important detail about my life they weren't familiar with.
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5 days ago by rgl7194
Likewise, there's the trope that an character must die for mostly the same reason, i.e. to inspire the MC to…
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6 days ago by pinatasenpai
UW study on LGBTQ+ elderly seeks more AAPI participants | NW Asian Weekly
One of the reasons why Filipino American researcher Diane Biray Gregorio is so passionate about her work for the UW School of Social Work’s IDEA study is because she owes the fact that she can be an out and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community to the struggle and work of the LGBTQ+ elders who came before her.
NW.Asian.Weekly  !UWitM  2020  regl  LGBTQ  Biray.Gregorio.Diane  School:Social.Work  Silvestrini.Molly 
9 days ago by uwnews
America's Gay Confederate and Union Soldiers | HuffPost
The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell: Sex in the Civil War
civil  war  lgbtq  gay 
13 days ago by bikesandbooks
Transgender children sense their gender identities at young ages | Reuters
Transgender children may start to identify with toys and clothes typical of their gender identity from a very young age, a recent University of Washington study suggests. Study co-author Selin Gülgöz, a postdoctoral researcher in UW’s psychology department, is quoted. [This Reuters story appeared in several outlets]
!UWitM  2019  College:Arts&Sciences  Department:Psychology  Gulgoz.Selin  LGBTQ  natl  Reuters  transgender  TransYouth.Project 
17 days ago by uwnews
Caring for LGBTQ seniors | KOMO Radio
The number of LGBTQ seniors is growing quickly, but this group often lacks affordable housing or other services. Karen Fredriksen Goldsen, a professor of social work at the UW, is interviewed. (This is part 1 of the interview, listen to part 2 here:
!UWitM  2019  Fredriksen-Goldsen.Karen  KOMO  LGBTQ  radio  regl  School:Social.Work 
17 days ago by uwnews
Study: Transgender children recognize their authentic gender at early age, just like other kids | Forbes
Researchers at the University of Washington found gender identity — the concept of knowing whether one’s self is male, female or non-binary — is as strong in trans kids as it is among those identifying as cis. Study co-author Selin Gülgöz, a postdoctoral researcher in the UW's psychology department, is quoted.
Forbes  natl  !UWitM  2019  Gulgoz.Selin  Department:Psychology  College:Arts&Sciences  TransYouth.Project  transgender  LGBTQ 
17 days ago by uwnews
Every Major Female "Star Trek" Character, Ranked By Lesbianism | Autostraddle
Here’s the thing about the future: the way things are going currently, I think it’s safe to question why heterosexual women would still be the majority in 2334. And yet! As I learned in a Women in Literature course nearly two decades ago, fan-fic was invented by Trekkies longing to see Kirk and Spock boldly go where they only subtextually went onscreen, and until literally three years ago, the franchise has remained mostly content to keep its characters straight on their streets and queer in our sheets. Star Trek‘s persistent refusal to offer sufficient LGBTQ representation, despite encouragement from cast members, has been a point of contention for decades. Our 2010 piece about it — “Gay Me Up, Scotty: How Star Trek Failed To Boldly Go There” — is one of several Autostraddle pieces that frequently pop up on college syllabi.
Luckily, we all have very active imaginations and also, just for the record, as a child I attended a Star Trek Convention in the aptly named Romulus, Michigan. Thus, it eventually came time for us to turn our keen minds towards an important project: ranking every Star Trek character by lesbianism. (A practice we engage in frequently, for example this ranking of Law and Order characters.)
The lesbian rankings contained herein are based on highly subjective criteria you will undoubtedly disagree with. It includes opinions from esteemed sources like your pal and mine Sally, who has seen all the Star Treks, as well as Autostraddle writers Al(aina), Kayla, and Senior Editor Carmen, the only three Autostraddle team members who wanted to join my Star Trek Slack Channel.
Also by the way the Bajorans are the most lesbianish species overall (the earwear alone, I mean!) and everyone is queerer in the mirrorverse. Don’t @ me. But do comment!
1. Chief of Security Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby) , The Next Generation
In addition to sporting THE LATE 80S/EARLY 90S LESBIAN HAIRCUT™, Yar only lasted one season ’cause Denise Crosby chose to leave the show ’cause the structural gender inequality imposed by the writing team meant her character was woefully underdeveloped and therefore insufficiently challenging to her as an actress. Instead, Crosby went on to produce a series of documentaries about Star Trek fandom. But, the most lesbian action of all:
Al(aina): so GAAAAAAAAAAAAY they even killed her
tv  movies  star_trek  ranking  women  LGBTQ 
18 days ago by rgl7194
(1) BuzzFeed Style Guide on Twitter: "We updated our entry about marriage: Use "marriage equality" and "marriage for same-sex couples" rather than "gay marriage." Avoid "gay marriage" and "same-sex marriage," terms that "can suggest marriage for same-sex
“We updated our entry about marriage: Use ‘marriage equality’ and ‘marriage for same-sex couples’ rather than ‘gay marriage.’ Avoid ‘gay marriage’ and ‘same-sex marriage,’ terms that ‘can suggest marriage for same-sex couples is somehow different than other marriages,’ per @GLAAD”
styleguide  twitter  2019  marriage  gaymarriage  samesexmarriage  glaad  lgbtq 
19 days ago by handcoding
Queer books! Queer books! We are back from festivities and open 11-6pm until Sunday. 📚🏳️‍🌈

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24 days ago by freerange_inc
What Are Millennial 'Friendship' Weddings – PureWow
They took the train to City Hall and, $35 later, their situation-ship was official. We’re calling it a friendship wedding. Here’s everything to know about the trend.
relationships  friendship  wedding  lgbtq  planning 
24 days ago by renee9656
How One of New York's Best Event Designers Wed in Italy - Chris Hessney & Simon Miall's Three-Day Wedding in Italy
Meet the event designer who pulled out all the stops—and all his industry friends—for an epic affair in Lake Como.
"It was, essentially, an unimpeachable quid pro quo," jokes Simon Miall of the blind date that his friends orchestrated for him with Chris Hessney, founder and creative director of Hessney & Co., an event production and design firm in New York City.
Simon, a pro rugby player-turned-financier and investor, had just been transferred to New York from London. His friends, Teresa and Minesh, were eager to set him up with Chris, who was consulting for Catch restaurant, which at the time was home to some of the city's most exclusive reservations and tables. "I had met Minesh at Catch, and he said that he had this guy for me who was English and used to play rugby. I was like, 'Okay, I'm listening … ,' but I didn't see a photo of Simon before our first date," Chris recalls. Simon, as he often does to complement Chris's storytelling, then delivers the underlying punchline: "My friends wanted free cocktails and a good table—they definitely didn't think about whether we would be a match." Minesh took Chris's business card and introduced him to Simon via email, who, as Chris remembers, "responded within 15 seconds to the email thread. 'Nice to meet you—drinks Saturday night?'" As it turned out, after one of the few truly blind dates to take place in the age of social media, the two were a match—and then some.
europe  wedding  LGBTQ  design  rochester  NYC 
28 days ago by rgl7194
@AG_Conservative: Insanity. Nothing in her tweet or in the original tweets was transphobic. Acknowledging biology is not transphobic and the tantrums over it are ridiculous.

Nothing in her tweet or in the original tweets was transphobic. Acknowledging biology is not transphobic and the tantrums over it are ridiculous.
Transgenderism  LGBTQ  JKRowling  AGConservative 
4 weeks ago by cbearden

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