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A Javascript Panorama Viewer
web  dev  js  library 
1 hour ago by dowonkang
Beyond Takedown: Expanding the Toolkit for Responding to Online Hate – The Living Library
Paper by Molly K. Land and Rebecca J. Hamilton: “The current preoccupation with ‘fake news’ has spurred a renewed emphasis in popular discourse on the potential harms of speech. In the world of international law, however, ‘fake news’ is far from new.
the  living  library 
9 hours ago by marshallk
The Leadership Library for Engineers
Curated resources for leadership in engineering
leadership  resource  library 
12 hours ago by eabruzzese
We All Wear Tinfoil Hats Now – The Living Library
Article by Geoff Shullenberger on “How fears of mind control went from paranoid delusion to conventional wisdom”: “In early 2017, after the double shock of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, the British data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica gained sudden notoriety.
the  living  library 
13 hours ago by marshallk
Javascript panorama viewer based on Three.js
javascript  library 
16 hours ago by linuslundahl
Nudge Theory and Decision Making: Enabling People to Make Better Choices – The Living Library
Chapter by Vikramsinh Amarsinh Patil: “This chapter examines the theoretical underpinnings of nudge theory and makes a case for incorporating nudging into the decision-making process in corporate contexts.
the  living  library 
yesterday by marshallk
Collaborative е-Rulemaking, Democratic Bots, and the Future of Digital Democracy – The Living Library
Paper by Oren Perez: “… focuses on “deliberative e-rulemaking”: digital consultation processes that seek to facilitate public deliberation over policy or regulatory proposals.
the  living  library 
yesterday by marshallk
Smart Urban Development – The Living Library
Open Access Book edited by Vito Bobek: “Debates about the future of urban development in many countries have been increasingly influenced by discussions of smart cities. Despite numerous examples of this “urban labelling” phenomenon, we know surprisingly little about so-called smart cities.
the  living  library 
yesterday by marshallk

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