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'Bibliomania': Curators share top picks of Peabody's treasures | Hub
'Bibliomania': Curators share top picks of Peabody's treasures
Exhibit presents 'rare and curious' items amassed over the course of library's 150 years
Bibliomania  peabody  library 
yesterday by gdw
Deeplearning4j: Open-source, Distributed Deep Learning for the JVM
Open-Source Deep-Learning Software for Java and Scala on Hadoop and Spark
library  opensource  deeplearning  java 
yesterday by ablomov
pyueye · Warehouse (PyPI)
PyuEye is a lean wrapper implementation of Python function objects that represent uEye API functions. As there is no intelligence in the PyuExe interface, it is as near as possible to the uEye C API and always up-to-date. Benefit from many Python advantages, for example the interactive programming of your uEye camera. Write and test small code snippets without the complex setup of a programming IDE with a toolchain. The PyuEye interface is ideal for prototyping uEye camera applications for all supported uEye platforms (Windows, Linux, Linux Embedded).
python  computer-vision  camera  library 
yesterday by ssorc

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