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Darkness Within Darkness – Charlie Ambler – Medium
“For an explanation, we turn to the great Tao Te Ching. Darkness within darkness. There is nothing to seek and nothing to find. The only thing lacking is your own awareness of what you already have, what already exists. There is no giving or taking, no mergers and acquisitions. You simply are. You were born, you will die. You will suffer. You will experience relief and bliss. It will all happen to you and from you whether you like it or not, no matter how you orient yourself or how ‘positive’ you try to be. The only barrier between you and what you seek is acceptance. It doesn’t matter what you eat, how you dress, who you associate with, whether or not you exercise, or which ideologies you buy into. The mantra is simple: it just doesn’t matter. The simpler the better.”
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Term Or Permanent: Which Life Insurance Policy Is Best For You?
It can often be challenging to decide what specific type of life insurance policy is better for your particular needs.
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2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Talia Ivy Raab
Our daughter Rachel and her husband Seth have announced the birth of their daughter, Talia Ivy Raab.
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2 days ago by M.Leddy
good-bye by my side.|ゴトウケースケ|note


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