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What is something no one really tells you about getting older? : AskMen
there is no guidance or set path after college. This is why your habits and foundation of beliefs and self image in your teenage years and early 20s are important in the long run. Once you go from being in a structured schooling environment to being set wild and free in the real world, life becomes only what you make of it based on your own skills and habits and communication skills. Not investing time in learning how to cook or budget or the other practical skills of life when you're younger means that you'll be behind the 8 ball as you age.
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18 hours ago by cmananian
A History of Racial Injustice
Learn more about our history of racial injustice.
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22 hours ago by dcompute
Get Your Shit Together – What Matters Most. Because hoping for the best is not a plan
Writing and advice by Chanel Reynolds, Co-Founder of and Founder of Get Your Shit Together, the website where it all got started in 2013 with basic checklists and must do to-dos to get your will, living will, insurance, money and important shit done!
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yesterday by bradbarrish
Watch a single cell become a complete organism in six pulsing minutes of timelapse | Aeon Videos
Native to central and southern Europe, the amphibious alpine newt breeds in shallow water, where its larvae are born, hatch and feed on plankton, before sprouting legs and moving to land. This timelapse video from the Dutch director Jan van IJken tracks the development of a single-celled zygote into the hatched larva of an alpine newt. Captured in stunning detail at microscopic scales, Becoming is a remarkable look at the process of cell division and differentiation, whence all anima...
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yesterday by sebastienw

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