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CPU limits and aggressive throttling in Kubernetes - Omio Engineering - Medium
Improper use of CPU quota limit can harm your service reliability metrics like response time and error rate. We explain how throttling in Kubernetes works and how to use it to your benefit.
type:article  kubernetes  performance  cpu  limit 
3 days ago by endorama
Open Source Software: Here's What They’re Not Telling You
Is open source software REALLY free? If you're considering an open source software as a solution, use this framework before you make a decision.
opensource  software  limit  issue  cms  wordpress 
27 days ago by gilberto5757
Conditional independence, conditional mixing and conditional association
On the concept of conditional independence and the consequences for law of large numbers: an intrinsic view (generalizations of Borel Cantelli, Kolmogorov and friends) that works well for instance for credit risk aggregation
coink  probabilities  conditional  independence  central  limit 
4 weeks ago by paunit
Scheduled Tasks: The Good Way (or: Why You Should Stop Using Crontab)
Managing scheduled tasks is crucial part for most of the advanced software projects out there. At Appwrite, we use background tasks for sending emails, cleaning cache, aggregating stats, creating…
scheduling  cron  crontab  limit  issue  criticism 
11 weeks ago by gilberto5757
The Biggest Problem with Elm - Charles Scalfani - Medium
The biggest problem with Elm isn’t that the language lacks higher level abstractions like many Haskellers complain. Or that the language keeps removing advanced features in favor of the beginner…
elm  architecture  limit  restriction 
november 2019 by gilberto5757

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