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Homogeneous Coordinates and Computer Graphics
an extraordinarily well-written introduction to the reason why graphics code always seems to use four-dimensional vectors for three-dimensional space
science  graphics  linearalgebra  math  pdf 
4 weeks ago by adrian
Immersive Math
Visual examples for linear algebra
math  linearalgebra 
6 weeks ago by edwardrowe
immersive math
After using linear algebra for 20 years times three persons, we were ready to write a linear algebra book that we think will make it substantially easier to learn and to teach linear algebra. In addition, the technology of mobile devices and web browsers have improved beyond a certain threshold, so that this book could be put together in a very novel and innovative way (we think). The idea is to start each chapter with an intuitive concrete example that practically shows how the math works using interactive illustrations. After that, the more formal math is introduced, and the concepts are generalized and sometimes made more abstract. We believe it is easier to understand the entire topic of linear algebra with a simple and concrete example cemented into the reader's mind in the beginning of each chapter.
mathematics  interactive  learning  visualization  linearalgebra 
7 weeks ago by derishus
Immersive Math
"The world's first linear algebra book with fully interactive figures."
linearalgebra  textbooks  free  math  mathematics 
7 weeks ago by robertogreco

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