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cervus-v/cervus: The Cervus Subsystem for Linux
A very interesting idea: run webasm code in the Linux kernel.
kernel  linux 
14 minutes ago by rjkroege
Terminator: Introduction
Yet another console emulator. Pretty cool.
console  terminal  shell  linux 
1 hour ago by hayzer
free gnu/linux high-quality pictures
download and make linux stickers, shirts and hoodies
linux  pictures  shirts 
14 hours ago by brunosabenca
I got really excited that this would be funny but it's just a good read.
history  linux 
14 hours ago by wexxy
Configuring mixed DPI monitors with xrandr | The One and the Many
I use xrandr to configure a dual monitor setup with a high DPI and low DPI monitor on Linux. I also use it to switch back and forth between a dual monitor and a single monitor setup.
linux  xrandr  displays  xorg  dpi 
14 hours ago by brunosabenca

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