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A tmux Crash Course
Learn everything you need to be productive in tmux.
tmox  terminal  linux 
6 hours ago by anctious
Duplicacy backs up your files to many cloud storages with client-side encryption and the highest level of deduplication
backup  synology  unix  linux  mac  windows 
9 hours ago by brianb
Paul M Furley
Inspiring talented, kind-spirited fellow citizen / engineer / developer / mentor.

"I'm trying to build things to improve the world.

I care about human rights, internet freedom, equality.

I ❤ linux, python, crypto & security :)

- - -

I’m a pragmatic Engineer with great people skills - I'm good at balancing technical decisions against user needs and working with non-technical people.

I get excited about Open Source, Linux, Python, Automating everything(!), Raspberry Pi, privacy, cryptography, Tor, machine learning, internet of things, renewable energy, open government, democracy, transparency... and lots more!"

Useful tutorials:
- Expirybot emails PGP users before their key expires
- Taking Back My Data, Part 1: Move from Dropbox to Nextcloud
- Hardening my Development Machine
- The Difference Between GPG, GnuPG, PGP and OpenPGP

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Lifesnippets  Lifestyle  Python  interview  open-source  Politics  democracy  Transparency  IoT  Expert  machine-learning  Automation  Linux  Tutorial 
10 hours ago by eocas
match command-line arguments to their help text
tools  shell  mac  linux  reference 
14 hours ago by lpuerto

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