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Mens Shoes | Barefoot Trail Sneakers & Everyday Shoe | VIVO
Choose from our range of VIVOBAREFOOT mens off road trail shoes, exercise trainers and everyday business shoes. You can find our full lifestyle range here.
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15 hours ago by lgtout
How To Recognise Famous Painters According To The Internet | Bored Panda
Art history has never been so easy! Reddit user DontTacoBoutIt (now a dead account) posted a series of famous paintings and gave short but hilariously accurate explanations on how to recognize their authors. According to him, Da Vinci’s works can be recognized by the bluish mist and locations reminiscent of Lord of The Rings movies, while Rubens’paintings can be identified by the figures’ large behinds.
Though some may fault them for being gross over-generalizations, these descriptions take the recognizable essence of each painter’s work and put it in very easy words that anyone can understand and, more importantly, remember.
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yesterday by justaj

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