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an awesome list of decentralized services and technologies
an awesome list of decentralized services and technologies - gdamdam/awesome-decentralized-web
decentralised  blockchain  list 
1 hour ago by pivic
Dataset list
A list of the biggest datasets for machine learning from across the web
database  data  list 
5 hours ago by linuslundahl
List of languages by total number of speakers - Wikipedia
- has both L1 (native speakers) and L2 (second-language speakers)
- I'm guessing most of Mandarin's L2 speakers are Chinese natives. Lots of dialects and such (Cantonese) within the country.
wiki  reference  data  list  top-n  ranking  population  scale  language  linguistics  anglo  china  asia  foreign-lang  objektbuch  india  MENA  europe  gallic  demographics 
12 hours ago by nhaliday | The registry for Kubernetes Operators is a new home for the Kubernetes community to share Operators. Find an existing Operator or list your own today.
operatorhub  kubernetes  operator  hub  collection  devops  list 
18 hours ago by vicchow
news  aggregator  CN  list 
yesterday by oumu

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