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The 8 best Southern cookbooks by African-American | Southern Kitchen
These 8 best Southern cookbooks by African-American chefs share recipes and the history behind some of the South's favorite dishes.
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The 50 Best Romantic Movies Ever
"We do work that we love, assembling a list of the best movies that are also romantic or whatever."
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2 days ago by jimmykduong
50 Greatest Romantic Comedies of All Time
"From ’30s screwballs to 21st-century meet-cutes, Rock and Doris to Hanks and Ryan — our picks for the best rom-coms ever"
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2 days ago by jimmykduong
Enterprise-wide Risk Management
Classic risk management literature acknowledges four ways of dealing with risk after establishing a risk matrix: Avoid, Reduce, Transfer and Retain or Accept. As it turns out, there are six ways, not just four ways to deal with risk. Two more are Exploit and Ignore. DeLoach points at exploit, while Tomlin (2006) points at Ignore, as I discuss in my later post on The six ways of dealing with Risk. And, ‘Exploit’ also makes into a discussion on risk management as a core competence by Lessard and Lucea (2009).

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