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History's 10 most influential poets -
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14 hours ago by rdr
Malazan Reread of the Fallen | Series |
Welcome to the Malazan Read and Re-read of the Fallen! Your hosts are Bill Capossere (reading the series for a second time) and Amanda Rutter (reading it for the first time).

Join us as we read, reread, discuss, summarize, analyze, scratch our heads in confusion, wonder out loud, possibly argue (courteously), occasionally criticize (also courteously), marvel, and at times (we’re sure) bow to the superior knowledge of’s readers as we attempt to dissect the epic fantasy world created by Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont.
malazan  literature 
22 hours ago by bouvin
Secrets of growing slowly – TheTLS
“Rilke’s late work is defined by this sublimation of the messianic figure of Christ into the supreme artistic figure of Orpheus. The transformative power of poetry is enacted by the subtleties of the syntax, by Rilke’s use of what has been called the “evocative” tense, pitched somewhere between interrogative, imperative and subjunctive.”
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2 days ago by Preoccupations
The realism of our time – Radical Philosophy
The realism of our time
Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson and Helena Feder
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3 days ago by h-j-hilden
Jane Austen and other great authors that achieved their greatest fame in death -
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5 days ago by rdr

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