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Achilles and the Wyf of Bath Compete in Oklahoma - Minding The Campus
It’s 6,000 pages of the most powerful literature in the canon: The Divine Comedy in full, four works of Shakespeare, Pascal’s Pensées, Horace’s odes, Volpone, Racine, Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling, Moby-Dick, The Brothers Karamazov, Faust, Baudelaire and Rimbaud, Kafka, Rilke, T.S. Eliot. Auden even included nine operas.
education  literature 
2 days ago by fairyrevel
Adam Kirsch Reviews Robert Alter's Landmark Translation of the Hebrew Bible – Tablet Magazine
Alter’s Bible is an emphatically Jewish translation. There is a natural connection between the two qualities Alter’s translation strives for—philological accuracy and literary power. Both are expressions of his quest for the authentic meaning of the Hebrew text. And meaning, Alter believes, resides as much in a word’s poetic qualities—its music, its suggestive overtones—as in its dictionary definition.
bible  religion  literature  books 
3 days ago by atbradley
Ein Winterspaziergang | Begleitschreiben
Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Fiktion abgelegt und mit Erzählung, Spaziergang, Winter verschlagwortet.
literature  text  blog  winter  walk  loneliness  2019 
3 days ago by navegador
Roberto Bolaño - Autoren - Hanser Literaturverlage
Roberto Bolaño, 1953 in Chile geboren und nach dem Militärputsch von 1973 inhaftiert, ging ins Exil nach Mexiko und 1976 nach Spanien. 2003 starb er in Barcelona.
books  literature  authors  chile  mexico  spanish 
3 days ago by navegador
All the Sad Young Literary Fakes by Jessa Crispin
On the preponderance of phony memoirs in the publishing industry, which leads into discussions of the lack of diversity in publishing (wealthy, highly educated white women) and the problem of authenticity.
culture  literature 
5 days ago by ferret

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