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Brain Magazine - Brainorama - Grosse grosse passion chats pour Jean Cocteau
Dans le Paris du début du siècle sévissait notamment un “club des amis des chats”, qui avait l’honneur de compter Jean Cocteau parmi ses membres émérites. Participant régulièrement aux réunions du cercle, le bonhomme a même fini par en devenir le Président. A ce propos, son ami Beulah Spiegelgasse Roth disait : “cela a plus de valeur pour lui que s'il avait été élu membre de l’Académie Française”. Profitant de sa notoriété pour donner de la visibilité à sa team, le réalisateur/poète/peintre a dessiné le sigle du club et lui a dédié plusieurs oeuvres d’arts. On lui attribue cette citation : “Je préfère les chats aux chiens parce qu’il n’y a pas de chat policier.”
france  french  literature 
3 hours ago by yiqing
The Literary Canon Is Mostly White. Here's an Alternative Latin American Reading List
[interesting, I’ve read all or parts of six of these, I should make my own list to compare]
readinglists  latinamerica  literature  books  culture  2018 
20 hours ago by robertogreco
Georgian Papers Online
Welcome to the catalogue of the Georgian Papers held in the Royal Archives and the Royal Library at Windsor Castle. This catalogue currently contains descriptions and digitised images of material dating from the reigns of George I to William IV, including personal letters, diaries, account books and records of the Royal Household.
literature  history 
2 days ago by fairyrevel
Six Proposals for the Reform of Literature in the Age of Climate Change - The Critical Flame | The Critical Flame
y, human activity fills the atmosphere with carbon, transforming Earth’s climate, melting the polar ice caps, already destroying the homes and habitats of the planet’s many creatures—including ourselves. Yet we lack the ability to visualize these problems, to locate their source in our own actions and lives, to tell and transform the stories of the interactions between our behavior and our biome.

This is not a failing of science, the science is quite clear: it is a failing of culture. The single most influential artwork of climate change remains Al Gore standing in front of a Powerpoint presentation ten years ago. Global culture has not just failed to adapt to the challenges we now face: it actively prevents us from facing those challenges.

To change this, we need to break with our existing traditions of art and media, even if that means rejecting some of the works we love most.
climate  change  literature 
2 days ago by betajames
"Once Upon a Time" and Other Formulaic Folktale Flourishes
We take the phrase “once upon a time” for granted, but if you think about it, it’s quite oddball English. Upon a time—? That’s just a strange construction. It would be pleasant to know its history: When, more or less, does it get up on its legs? Around when does it become standard procedure? My researches into this question, however, have yielded nothing conclusive.
2 days ago by fairyrevel

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