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That feeling when you're on acid and get too close to a zebra.

hydra  livecoding  javascript  from twitter_favs
yesterday by cshier
RT : Here's a gist of the at / on game development in . We went from a fresh…
livecoding  purescript  busconf  from twitter
14 days ago by stefanscheidt
Fun(c) 2018.7: John De Goes - FP to the Max - YouTube
Functional Programming
- Totality; For every input, they return an output
- Deterministic; For the same input, they return the same output.
- Pure. The only effect is computing the return value.

Type-Based Reasoning
- Allows us to reason about a function without drilling into the details.
- Types can be like a compression algorithm for a function.

Partial Functions
- Functions that only can only handle a subset of inputs.

Lots of interesting stuff in this presentation. I feel like I should write this code myself in order to better understand.
scala  functional  livecoding 
15 days ago by aesterline
El código como una forma de expresión
Charla de Patxangas sobre programación creativa
generativeart  livecoding 
7 weeks ago by pr3ssh
Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.
free and open source tool for recording and sharing terminal sessions.
livecoding  performance  shared 
9 weeks ago by davidnunez
AMEN $ Mother Function
"One sample, one function – a live-coded, single function demolition of the most ubiquitous sample in modern music."
PraxisLIVE  livecoding  amenbreak  JAVA  Processing  Proce55ing 
10 weeks ago by nodalpoint
first tests live coding p5.js in atom!
+ using the p5 canvas as an input to hydra.
p5js  livecoding  javascript  from twitter_favs
10 weeks ago by cshier
Praxis LIVE
"Hybrid visual IDE", livecoding/patching UI for Java/Processing/GLSL

Processing  Java  livecoding  GLSL  audio-video  OpenGL  CreativeCoding  programming 
12 weeks ago by nodalpoint

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