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consistent hashing with bounded loads
'an algorithm that combined consistent hashing with an upper limit on any one server’s load, relative to the average load of the whole pool.'

Lovely blog post from Vimeo's eng blog on a new variation on consistent hashing -- incorporating a concept of overload-avoidance -- and adding it to HAProxy and using it in production in Vimeo. All sounds pretty nifty! (via Toby DiPasquale)
via:codeslinger  algorithms  networking  performance  haproxy  consistent-hashing  load-balancing  lbs  vimeo  overload  load 
3 days ago by jm
How I Reduced my DB Server Load by 80%
The author uses a series of performance tools (notably: scout, pg:outliers, papertrail) to find the cause of a nasty spike in DB load average; the culprit: a case-insensitive uniqueness validation performed rails-side that should have been implemented as an index DB-side. Although the toolchain is Heroku-centered, the techniques and lessons learned are applicable to our tech stack.
rubyonrails  heroku  optimization  performance  postgresql  tools  databases  load  blogs  logs 
4 days ago by oscar-lopez
You Can Use require() To Load JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Files In Node.js
"The require() function, in Node.js, can read in both .js and .json files. If a file ends with .js, the file is parsed and interpreted as a JavaScript file and is expected to use the module syntax. And, if the file ends with .json, the file is parsed and interpreted as a JSON text file and is expected to adhere to the JSON syntax.

json  nodejs  tips  tricks  require  load 
7 days ago by earth2marsh

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