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Epic Spinners
css only, easy to use loading spinners
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yesterday by jonlabelle
The Passive House - definition
To ensure good indoor air quality, one person needs about 30 m³ of fresh air per hour. This supply air can only be heated up to 50°C to avoid the scorching of dust. The specific heat capacity of air is 0.33 Wh/(m³K) at normal pressure and a temperature of approx. 21°C (comfort, see ISO 7730). From this the heat flow can be calculated:

30 m3/hr/pers * 0.33 Wh/(m3K) * (50 - 20) K = 300 W/pers
passive  house  heat  load  air 
10 days ago by cheapo
Load testing your site with Siege
Siege is a useful load testing tool to add to your performance testing tool kit. This blog post will cover installing Siege on OS X and Linux, and running a basic load test with Siege.
performance  tools  load  testing  php 
12 days ago by robknight
Psychological Safety in Operation Teams [PDF]
"Think of a team you work with closely. How strongly do you agree with these five statements?

"1. If I take a chance and screw up, it will be held against me.
2. Our team has a strong sense of culture that can be hard for new people to join.
3. My team is slow to o er help to people who are struggling.
4. Using my unique skills and talents comes second to the objectives of the team.
5. It’s uncomfortable to have open, honest conversations about our team’s sensitive issues.

"Teams that score high on questions like these can be deemed to be 'unsafe.' Unsafe to innovate, unsafe to resolve conflict, unsafe to admit they need help. Unsafe teams can deliver for short periods of time, provided they can focus on goals and ignore interpersonal problems. Eventually, unsafe teams will underperform or shatter because they resist change."
pdf  culture  work  2017  cognitive  load  via:alicegoldfuss 
14 days ago by handcoding
Comparing two ways to load non-critical CSS
"I wanted to figure out the fastest way to load non-critical CSS so that the impact on initial page drawing is minimal."
CSS  load  asynchronous  webperf 
19 days ago by nhoizey

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