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The Font Loading Checklist—
When I look back at the last four years that I’ve spent learning everything I could about web fonts and how web fonts load, I can distill it all down to a small checklist of ideals that I continue to chase. Our goal as web developers is to maximize the experience and raise user expectations to the level of what the web is capable of delivering, but also to manage our performance budgets to ensure that we are fulfilling the promise of the web—it’s ubiquity. This checklist should help you deliver ...
css  performance  font  fonts  loading  webfonts 
yesterday by gglnx
Content Placeholders: A Way to Style Waiting Time
You’ve probably seen by now applications and websites that use content placeholders before the actual content loads. These are simple mockups of the content that’s going to be displayed. Implementing this technique lets a user know what to expect, it makes your page appear more ‘reliable’ because it removes sizing glitches that happen when the …

performance  loading  optimization 
8 days ago by michaelfox

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