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Deploying ES2015+ Code in Production Today — Philip Walton
Have two webpack targets, one for ES6+ browsers, another for ES5 browsers, and use
<script type="module" src="main.mjs"></script> to load the ES6 code, <script nomodule src="main.es5.js"></script> to load the older code

Avoiding transpilation makes code 2x smaller and 2x faster to parse.

More at

creat-react-app hasn't implemented it:

More complicated alternative that somehow wasn't aware of this post:
JavaScript  conditional  loading  ES6  browser  load  speed  performance 
10 days ago by dandv
UI Movement - The best UI design inspiration, every day
UI effects, free. Interesting page loading effects and loads of other components and layouts
webdesign  web  design  ux  ui  inspiration  code  loading  effects  page  animations 
11 days ago by piperh

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