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Crozier Fine Arts
Crozier is the global leader in fine art storage and logistics. Crozier serves the art world ecosystem through our strategic network that spans North America and Europe. By design and execution, Crozier can meet the needs of any collection, whether private or institutional, offering unparalleled technical expertise in the handling, installation, and storing of art. Our mission is to preserve culture and innovate best practices to protect the value and integrity of most treasured assets and ensure art that matters today is here for generations to come.
art  logistics  shipping 
2 days ago by kiranmaxweber
AT&T mixes industry verticals and digital tech to brew-up new supply-chain magic
In particular, LTE-M is is well suited for cellular LPWA applications to go on the open road; where NB-IoT is better for low-power, as a fit-and-forget tech, LTE-M is geared for mobility.

He references a deal with UK firm RM2 to provide connectivity to reusable pallets. Traditional wooden pallets, porous and less robust, pose challenges for logistics operators because they risk contamination and are liable to fail, and need replacing. RM2 produces reusable pallets from composite materials. AT&T is embedding an LTE-M based track-and-trace module in them.
att  lte-m  nb-iot  pallets  iot  logistics  ovum 
3 days ago by yorksranter
Taking a Look at Why Amazon Is Bringing Logistics In-House - Supply Chain 24/7
Amazon’s worldwide shipping costs were fifteen times higher in 2018 than in 2009, so you don’t have to puzzle over the reason why they are looking at their own in-house transportation and logistics services.
this-week-550  Around-the-web  Matt  logistics  supply-chain  amazon  transportation-industry 
3 days ago by areadevelopment
The Future of Logistics Real Estate in Europe - BCI Global
Demand for logistics real estate (warehouses, distribution centers) will the next 3 year continue to grow, fueled by moderate economic growth and acceleration of e-commerce sales. This means for tenants less choice between buildings to be leased or land plots to be acquired, as vacancies all over Europe are decreasing and logistics hotspots struggle with supply of new logistics parks.
logistics  infrastructure  industrial-real-estate  market-reports  international-location-reports  europe  Around-the-web  this-week-450 
5 days ago by areadevelopment
The Software That Shapes Workers’ Lives | The New Yorker
Could S.C.M. software include a “workers’-rights” component—a counterpart to PP/DS, incorporating data on working conditions? Technically, it’s possible. SAP could begin asking for input about worker welfare. But a component like that would be at cross-purposes with almost every other function of the system. On some level, it might even undermine the purpose of having a system in the first place. Supply chains create efficiency in part through the distribution of responsibility. If a supervisor at a toy factory objects to the production plan she’s received, her boss can wield, in his defense, a PP/DS plan sent to him by someone else, who worked with data produced by yet another person. It will turn out that no one in particular is responsible for the pressures placed on the factory. They flow from the system—a system designed to be flexible in some ways and rigid in others.
logistics  supply_chain  software 
6 days ago by shannon_mattern
Flexport: Freight Forwarder & Customs Broker for Modern Logistics
The freight forwarder for modern logistics teams
Say goodbye to the black box of freight forwarding. Only Flexport delivers deep visibility and control, predictable supply chain costs, and more reliable transit times. All from a powerful technology platform.
delivery  logistics  shipping  tools  online 
6 days ago by VoxPelli
AFP Expo: An Experienced Trade Show Freight Forwarder
Trade shows, expos, and other special events have very strict schedules and deadlines, and your company only has one chance to ensure that your plans go off without a hitch. So what can you do to secure your trade show success? Read our blog to find out!
trade-show  logistics  freight-forwarder 
7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Ericsson, China Unicom develop smart harbour in key Chinese port
One of the key findings of the field trial is up to 70% of labor costs can be saved when a harbor uses the 5G automation upgrade, compared to traditional harbours with a fully automated harbour.
ericsson  chinaunicom  logistics  china  5g  ovum 
14 days ago by yorksranter
Fascinating on the history and economics of the pallet industry. Includes reverse logistics - the economics of returning distributed pallets.
17 days ago by diasyrmus

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