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uiLogos - Free logos for design | sketch plugin
Free Professional Logo Placeholders
More than 25+ professionally designed logos and plugin that help you get dummy logos directly into your mock, design or presentations.
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yesterday by 1luke2
The enduring appeal of mascots
With the identity, Sloan says Mother was keen to refresh and “clarify” Tripadvisor’s branding, without losing “any inherent charm along the way”. Rather than embark on a radical redesign, the agency decided it would sensitively bring Ollie up to date – keeping the “underlying geometry” intact, while removing any distracting details. “We believed that some simple but bold changes would go a long way,” he adds.


Mascots in particular can provide a quick and instant way to communicate a sense of humour and warmth – offering a more playful alternative to abstract symbols or word marks. And along with Tripadvisor, it seems a growing number of brands are embracing cuddly, cute and cheerful characters.
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7 days ago by JohnDrake
Famous Brand Logos Redesigned in Retro 1980's Style by FuturePunk
RT : "Famous Brand Logos Redesigned in Retro 1980’s Style by FuturePunk”

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17 days ago by tonys
RT : "Famous Brand Logos Redesigned in Retro 1980’s Style by FuturePunk”

logo  logos  retro  from twitter
17 days ago by tonys
Brands of the World™ | Download vector logos and logotypes
Brands of the World is the world\'s largest library of brand logos in vector format available to download for free. BotW is also a great place for designers to showcase their work.
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18 days ago by romeyinfc
Tell all the truth but tell it slant — Emily Dickinson
Tell all the truth but tell it slant —
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for our infirm Delight
The Truth's superb surprise
As Lightning to the Children eased
With explanation kind
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind —
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4 weeks ago by ingenu
GoDaddy says its new heart-shaped logo highlights customers' entrepreneurial spirit | Ad Age
Although not apparent, Scott says the new logo is meant to retain some of the spirit of “The Head.” For one, it maintains the “joy” evoked by its predecessor. “Joy is incredibly important to our customers,” he says. “They’re looking for the deep level of joy and satisfaction you get from cutting your own path in life.” The new icon also had to communicate a sense of humanity. “It’s lonely being an entrepreneur, and people are looking for guidance, connection and humanity,” he adds.
4 weeks ago by JohnDrake

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