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What makes someone wealthy, talent or luck? A new mathematical analysis weighs in | Big Think
It’s part of the American ethos, hard work pays off. We believe we live in a meritocracy, where anyone with the gumption, grit, and determination can make it, no matter what obstacles lie in their way.
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4 weeks ago by kogakure
Your success isn’t down to free will – luck determines everything | Life and style | The Guardian
What if you’re super-rich but got there thanks to your intelligence? You were just lucky to be born intelligent. What if differences in intelligence are down to nurture, not nature? Again, luck: you didn’t choose your parents or most of your teachers; and in any case, you might not have been gifted with the self-discipline to learn from them.

OK, but what if you taught yourself the self-discipline? Still luck: you were gifted with the sort of character capable of cultivating self-discipline.

On and on it goes: whatever your station in life, you got there by following some course of action. But even if that course of action were wholly your doing, you still had to be the kind of person able to pursue it; and even if you became that kind of person by the sweat of your brow, you still must have already been the kind of person who could raise that sweat...

Eventually, working backwards, you will reach some starting point that can’t have been your doing. The troubling conclusion is that the person born in poverty, with no parental support, who scrimps to put himself or herself through college, finally achieving success through ceaseless suffering, owes their triumph no less to luck than, say, Eric Trump does. Or, as Strawson pithily puts it: “Luck swallows everything.”
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4 weeks ago by msszczep
Two thirds of cancer mutations result from completely random DNA mistakes | Popular Science
An increased focus on early detection will be needed to effectively treat the disease
cancer  randomness  luck  detection  health  mutation 
5 weeks ago by soobrosa
Your success isn’t down to free will – luck determines everything | Life and style | The Guardian
Your social situation is a matter of luck, but then so are your underlying skills and character
philosophy  life  success  luck  guardian 
7 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Kevin Slavin: Debunking luck on Vimeo
Kevin Slavin on mathematical attempts to grind luck out of existence, and then strange art projects designed to bring luck back
chance  luck  video 
7 weeks ago by jbushnell
The Key to Good Luck Is an Open Mind
Carter discovered that simply opening up parents’ minds this way to the idea that luck could be learned made a big difference. Carter herself admits she comes from a long line of anxious women, and learning these luck skills wasn’t easy. But once you do, she says, you can begin to see the good in unlucky situations, which can improve your response to misfortune.
luck  open  psychology 
10 weeks ago by soobrosa

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