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The CryptoCandle
Burn it down because the market's on fire
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17 days ago by orlin
BREAKING: Author and journalist Maria Konnikova becomes PokerStars Ambassador
On what she credits with her success so far
"I think it's a combination of factors. First, I've completely immersed myself in poker. When I'm not playing, I'm studying--8, 9 hours a day. It's an incredibly intense regime, but one that I determined was necessary if I had any shot of ramping up and improving in a short period of time. So, hard work is definitely a huge part of it.

"That, and the fact that I do have a different background from most players, in psychology and writing; I've tried to leverage that to poker to gain an edge at the table in situations where I don't necessarily have the same level of experience as everyone else.
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5 weeks ago by craniac

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