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CNET – Uber, Lyft IPOs To Mint Next Batch Of Bay Area Millionaires
In a recent CNET article pondering the overall effect of all the tech IPOs planned for 2019, Brian Solis had a few thoughts of his own.
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8 days ago by briansolis
Cory Doctorow: Disruption for Thee, But Not for Me – Locus Online
> Uber (and its Peter-Thiel-backed rival Lyft) are not good companies. They’re not forces for good. But the system they killed? Also not good.

> Together, the CFAA and DMCA have given digital businesses access to a shadowy legal doctrine that was never written by Congress but is nevertheless routinely enforced by the courts: Felony Contempt of Business-Model.

> The CFAA and DMCA 1201 have been carefully distorted into defensive, anti-disruption shields that are only available to digital businesses. Taxi medallion owners can’t use the CFAA and DMCA 1201 to keep Uber and Lyft out of their cities.
platform-cooperative  cooperative  uber  lyft 
12 days ago by tarakc02
Driving Sucks, and Lyft’s New Work From W+K Reminds You All the Reasons Why – Adweek
While the two new spots may not necessarily take the sweeping, epic approach like the brand’s launch work with Jeff Bridges, Tilda Swinton and Jordan Peele, it certainly hits on some universal truths about why driving can be an awful endeavor and retains the brand’s joie de vivre of not taking itself too seriously while making a point about the service.
lyft  brand  content  agency 
5 weeks ago by automotive
RT : and are sensing a point of no return in this market for unprofitable unicorn plays. Either go public no…
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6 weeks ago by delong

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