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Quick Tip: manual autocorrect on OS X -
“This tip from Macworld is a fun one for writers. It’s about how you can manually trigger the autocorrect popup in Cocoa text fields by hitting space after a misspelled word and then moving the caret backward to the edge of the word. After a very short delay, the suggestion popover (only in the most recent versions of OS X) will appear and you can use arrow keys and enter to choose one. Dismiss it with escape. It avoids the entire process of right clicking and choosing a correction from the contextual menu.

“The problem for me is that this requires that ‘Automatically Correct Spelling’ be enabled.”
mac  macos  2014  spellcheck  keyboard  brettterpstra 
yesterday by handcoding
Smarter keyboard shortcuts for Finder -
Brett Terpstra shares some keyboard shortcuts that he’s set up for the Finder:
"There are default shortcuts for sorting (Name, Modified date, etc.) and display grouping, but I’ve always found them obtuse. I assign these to standard Function keys, e.g. F1-F3 handle quickly sorting by Name, Date, or Size on my system.”

(Also, this bit from one of the comments goes over how to assign a keyboard shortcut to a menu item when that name might appear more than once in an application’s menus:)
“You have to recreate the menu structure, starting from the menu entry visible in the menu bar, separating items using `->` without any additional space.

"Example : `Presentation->Sort by->Name` will work along side with `Presentation->Arrange by->Name`

"Hope that helps."
finder  keyboard  shortcuts  2017  menus  osx  mac  macos 
yesterday by handcoding
A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios
accessibility  app  webdesign  macos  software 
yesterday by tero
More fun scripting with Swift and Xcode: An app scaffold – The Eclectic Light Company
More fun scripting with Swift and Xcode: An app scaffold
I have made myself a little Mac app scaffold, which I can use to put together a document-based app very quickly, without having to spend ages in Interface Builder wiring up text boxes.
programming  macos  mac  swift 
yesterday by tero
Downloads – The Eclectic Light Company
Apps (for Macs running Sierra or High Sierra)
LockRattler – a quick check of your security systems
Consolation – a log browser for macOS Sierra and High Sierra
RunConsolation – runs Consolation2 as root to enable log browsing when in normal user mode
MakeLogarchive – a utility for creating logarchives readable by Console from ‘live’ logs or raw log folders
The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2) – a quick but thorough check of Time Machine backing up
KeychainCheck – a quick check of your keychain setup
Woodpile – a new type of log browser, which explores long periods from the top down
xattred – a basic extended attribute editor, can add quarantine xattrs
Dystextia – encodes and decodes Unicode Latin text using unconventional code points
PermissionScanner – searches folders for files which are either not writable or not readable (macOS Sierra)
RepairHomePermissions – repairs the permissions in your Home folder (macOS Sierra)
DispatchView – analyses the log for task dispatching issues
Rosettavert – converts between different text encodings
Apfelstrudel – check the normalisation of Unicode text, to spot potential problems with file systems other than HFS+
HelpHelp – diagnose and fix problems with Help Books, and open selected ones for search
unorml – a command tool to normalise a string to any of the four Unicode forms
Blowhole – a command tool to write into the log in macOS Sierra
MacAppScaffold – a quick start Xcode project for scripting
DispatchRider – an experimental utility to schedule and run background tasks using DAS and CTS dispatching
Tinderbox/Storyspace Hypertext documents
macos  software  tools  util 
yesterday by tero
window always on top (#1290) · Issues · George Nachman / iterm2 · GitLab
Dedicated key ALT+SPACE (for example) to toggle a dedicated window. Has to be set explictly
macos  apple  iterm  iterm2  floating  always  on  top  always-on-top  dedicated  window  totalterminal 
yesterday by dza
Updated Mail vacuuming script -
Mail Vacuuming script that I first posted in 2012. It’s an AppleScript that performs the simple task of optimizing the database that uses for all of your messages, speeding up load and search times.
mail  mac  app  application  speed  fast  slow  increase  performance  search  optimize  optimization  macos  improve 
yesterday by ebouchut
Markdown Service Tools -
The Markdown Service Tools are a collection of OS X Services designed to make writing Markdown text that much easier. Services work in any Cocoa-based application (which is most of the apps on your Mac). The Services are prefixed with “md” to keep them grouped in your Services menu. You can assign your own keyboard shortcuts (see the last section of this document) to make accessing them more convenient.
markdown  service  osx  mac  macos  share  export  process  text  menu  list  trepstra  software  transform  tools  toolbag 
2 days ago by ebouchut

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