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Apple expected to launch 16in MacBook Pro, 31in 6K display, iPhones with reverse wireless charging • News18
Kunal Khullar:
<p>We could see a brand new MacBook this year as reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has yet again revealed announcements that Apple could make in 2019. Known for his precise predictions, Kuo has said in a research note, that Apple will release a new 16in MacBook Pro, a 31in 6K monitor, iPhones with bilateral charging, new iPads, and more.

While it sounds uncanny, the analyst says that new MacBook Pro having dimensions between 16in and 16.5in with an updated design is expected to launch this year. This would make it the biggest MacBook since the 17in MacBook which stopped selling in 2012. As an add-on, the 13in MacBook Pro might get the option of adding 32GB of RAM. Currently, the 13in variant only supports up to 16GB of RAM while the 15-inch variant supports 32GB.

We can also expect a new display from the company, a 31.6in 6K resolution monitor which is said to feature “mini-LED backlight” to render excellent picture quality. There is also the mention of a new Mac Pro with “easy to upgrade components”.</p>

These are some seriously weird predictions. 16in? There's also predictions of a 10.2in iPad Pro. It's all strange sizes and stuff.
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13 hours ago by charlesarthur
What's the best Windows all-in-one or iMac for illustrators? | Technology | The Guardian
feb 2019, an 'Ask Jack' article titled:
What's the best Windows all-in-one or iMac for illustrators?
Interesting tips and advice and specs
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4 days ago by piperh
Using git for notes (how to sync)?
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8 days ago by lxp121

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