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Introduction au machine learning
Une introduction au machine learning en français par Marion Azencott.
2 hours ago by typhon
Data Version Control · DVC
Version Control System
for Machine Learning Projects
data  git  machine-learning  ml  versioncontrol 
22 hours ago by devin
Machine Box
Docker containers hosted wherever you want.
Machine learning in a box.
docker  machine-learning  machinelearning  saas  containers  ai  vision  classification 
yesterday by webdevotion
Andreesen-Horowitz craps on “AI” startups from a great height | Locklin on science
That’s right; that’s why a lone wolf like me, or a small team can do as good or better a job than some firm with 100x the head count and 100m in VC backing. I know what the strengths and weaknesses of the latest woo is. Worse than that: I know that, from a business perspective, something dumb like Naive Bayes or a linear model might solve the customer’s problem just as well as the latest gigawatt neural net atrocity. The VC backed startup might be betting on their “special tool” as its moaty IP. A few percent difference on a ROC curve won’t matter if the data is hand wavey and not really labeled properly, which describes most data you’ll encounter in the wild. ML is undeniably useful, but it is extremely rare that a startup have “special sauce” that works 10x or 100x better than somthing you could fork in a git repo. People won’t pay a premium over in-house ad-hoc data science solutions unless it represents truly game changing results. The technology could impress the shit out of everyone else, but if it’s only getting 5% better MAPE (or whatever); it’s irrelevant. A lot of “AI” doesn’t really work better than a histogram via “group by” query. Throwing complexity at it won’t make it better: sometimes there’s no data in your data.
best comment:
Deep blasphemy here: I’ve always maintained that stuff like CAD very often gets in the way of engineering success. People screwing around with solid designer instead of bits of graph paper and a 2 minute chat with a machinist can turn a task of a few minutes into a multi-day or week adventure of goofing off in front of a computer.
business  machine-learning  argument  analysis  bullshit  AI  hype  burn 
yesterday by kmt

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