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Carlton Mackey - Black Men Smiling
Carlton Mackey - Black Men Smile was created exactly one month after Michael Brown was murdered in Ferguson Missouri. After seeing 100s of images of Michael's dead body laying in the street and after a flurry of other painful and oppressive images of Black men in the weeks to follow, I did a social media experiment to see what positive images of Black men I could find. I entered the HASHTAG #blackmensmile on Instagram.

It yielded ZERO results.

I posted the first image with this hashtag September 30, 2014. I asked Black men to do the same. Today there are 5000+

After some consideration of what I wanted to accomplish with this new platform, I set out to explore one seemingly basic question, WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE? After posing that question to a test group of 20 Black men, 17 of them had the same initial response:

"No one has ever asked me that."
Blacks  Black  Men  Photography  Carlton  Mackey  Documentaries 
august 2016 by dbourn
Great Leaders Have Emotional Intelligence |
John Mackey, Whole foods CEO talks leadership and emotional intelligence
inspiration  sustainable  business  leadership  whole  foods  john  mackey  tips  ril-imported  advice  video 
march 2013 by ginesthoi
Five Take-Aways From Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's Surprising New Book - Forbes
"...and we can’t fulfill this mission unless we are highly profitable" Mackey @DShaywitz
economies  purpose  Mackey 
march 2013 by kimkorn
Whole Foods' CEO Mackey Is Right — ObamaCare Is Like Fascism
In 2009, when Whole Foods CEO John Mackey in a Wall Street Journal op-ed compared the health care "public option" then under consideration by Congress to socialism — a nationalized economic system wherein the government owns the means of production — hardly anyone batted an eyelash.

Sure, at the time, the left-wing site Daily Kos called for a boycott. And a Facebook group at the time managed to find a couple hundred users angry about the characterization. Whole Foods set up a special forum for customers to express their views on the op-ed.

But it was hardly the response Whole Foods got when on Jan. 16 in an NPR interview, Mackey was asked a follow-up question on what he thought about the current law.

After all, the "public option" was never adopted. What came afterward, now known in popular vernacular as ObamaCare, was a mishmash of mandates, regulations and price controls — but fell short of an outright nationalization of the insurance industry.

That was when Mackey used the F-word. No, not that one. The other one.
Obamacare  Mackey  tcot 
january 2013 by Flap
John Mackey and Whole Foods : The New Yorker
Food Fighter: Does Whole Food's C.E.O. know what's best for you? A profile of Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey
newyorker  food  food_policy  mackey 
december 2009 by waxman
Whole Foods boycott turns into a buy-cott in California
Tea-partiers go shopping in a foreign country: Whole Foods.
rmc  teaparty  mackey 
october 2009 by chrischantrill
Obama Health Care Reform Riles Up Whole Foods CEO John Mackey - ABC News
"I will never shop there again," vowed Joshua, a 45-year-old blogger, who asked that his last name not be published.

Like many of his fellow health food fanatics, Joshua said he will no longer patronize the store after learning about Whole Foods Market Inc.'s CEO John Mackey's views on health care reform, which were made public this week in an op-ed piece he wrote for The Wall Street Journal.
abcnews  wholefoods  mackey  article  2009 
august 2009 by meryn
Whole Foods’ John Mackey Out To Alienate Core Customers - Wall Street Weather -- Seeking Alpha
Whole Foods has built their business around the aura of not being any old supermarket, but a place for better educated more health conscious consumers to shop. These target customers have been sold on the value of paying extra for organic, “fair trade,” and more environmentally friendly products. These customers are more likely than the average supermarket customer to be sympathetic toward those who have either been rejected by private health insurers or cannot afford private health insurance premiums. These target customers are more likely to be repulsed by Mackey’s call for a pure Darwinist health insurance system where only the “fittest” would survive medical underwriting.
mackey  article  2009 
august 2009 by meryn
Whole Foods’ John Mackey shuns foodies by dropping ‘unhealthy’ olive oil - Times Online
Mr Mackey said the company, which has five shops in London including the Fresh and Wild chain, some of which have already been rebranded as Whole Foods shops, was now hoping to make amends by teaching its customers to eat better using cooking demonstrations and advice on creating meals with healthy ingredients. Armed with this knowledge, he hopes, customers will “vote out” chocolates, sweets and other tasty but fat-laden products. He is also considering “bribing” staff to lose weight by offering them bigger discounts. “We used to think it was enough just to sell healthy food, but we know it is not enough,” he said.
mackey  wholefoods  timesonline  article  2009 
august 2009 by meryn
Russel Mokhiber: Boycott Whole Foods
Mackey has launched a public campaign to defeat single payer national health insurance. This despite the bottom line reality that single payer is the only way to both control health care costs and cover everyone. As Dr. Marcia Angell says in today’s New York Times, “if you keep health care in the hands of for-profit companies, you can increase coverage by putting more money into the system, or control costs by decreasing coverage. But you cannot do both unless you change the basic structure of the system.”
mackey  article  2009  commondreams 
august 2009 by meryn

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