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Here’s How Apple Should Have Combined the iPad and Mac Mini – Luna Display
Using an iPad Pro as a primary display for a MacMini via Luna Display
ipad  macmini  display  remote 
16 hours ago by crgmrgn
The 2018 Mac Mini –
The 2018 Mac Mini is real, and it’s spectacular.

It makes almost nothing worse and almost everything better, finally bringing the Mac Mini into the modern age.
apple  MacMini  review 
9 days ago by euler
The 2018 Mac Mini •
Marco Arment uses a Mac mini at home as a home theatre mixer, Plex server, scanner server, photos backup and a host for his NAS (network attached storage); now he's tested the new one, and really likes it:
<p>It seemed for a while that Apple lacked any interest in making Macs anymore, especially desktops.

Last year, with the introduction of the absolutely stellar iMac Pro, Apple showed us a glimpse of a potential new direction. It was downright perfect — a love letter to the Mac and its pro desktop users, and a clear turnaround in the way the company views the Mac for the better.

We didn’t know until now whether the iMac Pro’s greatness was a fluke. But now we have another data point: the last two desktops out of Apple have been incredible. After this, I have faith that they’re going to do the new Mac Pro justice when it finally ships next year.

The new Mac Mini is a great update, out of nowhere, to a product we thought would never be updated again.

Of course, with Apple’s track record on the Mac Mini, it may never be updated after this. This is either the first in a series of regular updates with which Apple proves that they care about the Mac Mini again, or it’s the last Mac Mini that will ever exist and we’ll all be hoarding them in a few years. We can’t know yet.</p>

The only negative is that it doesn't have optical-out. But: four - count 'em - USB-C ports. It looks like a hell of a machine if you can find a static need for it.
apple  macmini 
9 days ago by charlesarthur
Inside MacStadium’s Mac Data Center – MacStories
If you’ve been around the Apple community a while, you’ve probably heard of MacStadium, but you may not understand the scale at which it operates. Snazzy Labs paid a visit to MacStadium’s data center in Las Vegas to check out some of the company’s roughly 8,000 Mac minis humming away powering websites like MacStories and performing all sorts of other tasks. During the segment, Snazzy Labs interviews MacStadium’s Brian Stucki about the Mac minis, hundreds of Mac Pros, iMac Pros, and even some Xserves that the company uses. Besides the huge number of Macs in operation, the customizations made to the Macs for things like data storage, redundant power, and networking are fascinating.
Mac  server  hosting  storage  MacMini 
11 days ago by euler
Everything Apple Didn't Announce at Today's Event - MacRumors
Apple held a second hardware-centric fall event this morning in New York City, where the company launched updated iPad Pro models, a refreshed version of the MacBook Air, and a new Mac mini. Prior to the event, though, there were rumors suggesting we'd also see some other products that didn't end up making an appearance.
Apple  iPhone  iPad  Mac  MacBook  MacBookAir  MacMini  iPadMini  iPadPro  Announcements  TechNews  AppleNews  MacRumors 
12 days ago by dk33per
New hands-on!

Attaching them to MBP to offload compressor, or using them for remote builds and deployment…
Macmini  from twitter_favs
16 days ago by aslakr
Der soeben beim vorgestellte neue von kostet in Vollausstattung grad so viel wie…
AppleEvent  Macmini  from twitter
16 days ago by springfeld
Apple finally announces an overhauled Mac mini | Ars Technica
Can't figure out if this is more or less expensive than one of the Hades Canyon NUCs
apple  macmini  nuc  intel 
16 days ago by danhon

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