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osx - What is the difference between Aquamacs and other Mac versions of Emacs? - Emacs Stack Exchange
My personal advice
I never tried Emacs for OS X Modified or Aquamacs, but I see little use in the former (I am no statistician, and can install AUCTeX by myself). I'd also recommend against the latter: It's a fork, and while it gives you best OS X integration, it inevitably lags behind, and receives less support from the Emacs community overall. Many packages don't support Aquamacs, so if there are issues, there's a good chance for you to be left alone as an Aquamacs user.

I did try Emacs Mac Port, and while smooth scrolling, gestures and Apple Events are nice, I found that these little benefits are not worth the hassle of keeping a patched version of GNU Emacs. YMMV, obviously, and if you care for good OS X support, and if these features appeal to you, you should definitely try it.

Nowadays, I use just GNU Emacs snapshot builds. These have reasonably good OS X support, and are by far the easiest to install, and best supported by the community.

I used to get them from Emacs for Mac OS X, but now I use Homebrew, because it supports more libraries, notably GNU TLS for encrypted network connections.

All in all: Use brew install emacs --HEAD --use-git-head --with-cocoa --with-gnutls --with-rsvg --with-imagemagick :).

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3 hours ago by snearch
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