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How to manage Wi-Fi with Terminal commands on OS X - TechRepublic
osx  macos  wifi 
2 hours ago by tamberg
Amethyst | ianyh
A tiling window manager for macOS
tiling-window-manager  macos 
17 hours ago by vipom
How to Organize Your Messy Albums on on macOS with Some SQL and Image Processing
While the SQL is cool enough, it does not allow you to have write access to iCloud. The current PhotoKit on MacOS only allows read-only access. I hope there was an API, so I could do some of the stuff programatically, especially removing the bad quality Photos automatically. My long-term plan is to learn some iOS programming and do these kind of analysis in the app by requesting metadata and thumbnails and, maybe even work with some MLKit magic to cluster my photos.
MacOS  sqlite  OpenCV  sql  sysadmin 
17 hours ago by euler
"A tool designed to grant or take away administrator rights from accounts on macOS. The general idea behind Privileges is that it allows people to work with the account privileges of a standard user for day-to-day use, but allows them to get administrator rights when needed."
software  open  mac  mh  mhie  macintosh  macos  sicurezza  checkitout  dafare 
20 hours ago by nicoladagostino
Get the password of the wifi you're on (bash)
wifi  password  macos  osx  bash 
yesterday by xcession
 Swiss Army Knife for macOS
cli  github  mac  osx  tools  macos 
yesterday by xcession
Objective-See's Blog: Death by vmmap
a core mojave utility is rather disastrously broken
As a casual macOS bug hunter, I often wonder (worry?) if the number of bugs in Apple’s desktop operating system are decreasing. Good news, in each new release of macOS, it appears that new bugs are constantly added!
In this blog post, we dive into a rather annoying bug apparently introduced in macOS Mojave (10.14). Though it doesn’t have significant security implications, it can bring any macOS Mojave system to its knees… forcing the unfortunate user to hard-reboot their shiny Mac.
It may come as a surprise, but I rarely (if ever) go off hunting for bugs in macOS. Yes, due to my stint at the NSA I’m often looking at things from the viewpoint of a hacker - so occasionally will go off and poke on the OS. However, the majority of the time, I’m minding my own business hard at work on tools such as LuLu or TaskExplorer. But often tool development is enough to uncover serious vulnerabilities in macOS (such a kernel mode panic or a kernel mode heap-overflow).
When Mojave was released, I started to receive reports from users, that TaskExplorer would cause the entire system to fully hang…badly. Like, even the spinning beach ball of death would refuse to spin. A hard reboot was the only option that would bring Mojave back to life.
Mac users were understandably rather upset (at me):
“People cannot afford to lose their work / logs as a result of a crash that you know is likely to happen once Task Explorer is opened. From one professional to another, this appears extremely careless and unfair.”
Besides inconveniencing users, (and yah, not stoked to be labeled “extremely careless”), I was rather perturbed as TaskExplorer had been running without issue for the better part of a year. Was a change in Mojave ultimately responsible for the system lock-up? Let’s find out!
utilities  bug  macOS  10.14  diagnostics  troubleshooting 
yesterday by rgl7194
2011 iMac Graphics Card Upgrade | MacRumors Forums
Excellent news it is exactly as I suspected, you simply need an mxm a/b card that supports UEFI. I did loose my initial boot screen but once OSX loads the screen powers up. So initially I ordered the 675m but when I received that card it had BIOS only I ordered a DELL/Alienware 680M off ebay. Only Trouble so far is it isn't recognizing my second display, but I'll tinker and we shall see if I can fix that.

More details: If you use an MXM-B card it will be larger than the MXM-A card that the ATI is; so it will hang over the HDD. It doesn't cause any issues though, no modifications needed. During the install the heatsink from the ATI 6770M is a just a tiny bit too small, half of one of the ram chips will be uncovered. This doesn't seem to be a big deal as it is the chip positioned closest to HDD fan and I have been monitoring the heat sensors and they don't seem an higher that with the ATI card even playing graphics intensive games.
macos  hacks  highsierra  imac 
yesterday by rmohns

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