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Reverse engineering the .car file format (compiled Asset Catalogs)
In this article I attempt to remedy this lack of information on the car file format by describing its global structure and its different elements. Along the article, I build a tool CARParser to manually parse car files. The complete source code of this tool is available for download at the end of the article.
programming  macosx  ios  reverse-engineering 
6 days ago by mayoff
Synalyze It! - more than a Hex Editor for Mac OS X
Synalyze It! allows you to create a “grammar“ for your binary files interactively. Unlike in regular hex editors or viewers the files are interpreted automatically for you! Analysis of binary files has never been easier.
programming  analysis  reverse-engineering  app  macosx 
6 days ago by mayoff
Setting up Docker on macOS
I spent some time trying to learn how to use Docker and getting it setup on my computer, this post documents what I did to get it working as there were no straight-forward guides on this process.
docker  homebrew  macosx 
7 days ago by spl
TotalAV: Free Mac Antivirus 2019
Find & Remove All types of Viruses, Malware, Adware & Spyware.
Clean & protect the Mac you love by restoring its full performance to give i that fresh out of the box feel once again!
antivirus  malware  virus  macosx  security  privacy 
9 days ago by cyberchucktx
Belgian (Non-Apple) Keyboard Layout
This is a Mac OS X keyboard layout for 'standard' Belgian
The international keyboard layout (as opposed to the Apple-specific one)
The main difference is that signs such as @ and # are accessed using AltGr.
macosx  keyboard  profile  belgian 
18 days ago by sebastienw
GitHub - remko/be-non-apple: Belgian (Non-Apple) Keyboard Layout
Belgian (Non-Apple) Keyboard Layout. Contribute to remko/be-non-apple development by creating an account on GitHub.
macosx  apple  keyboard 
18 days ago by sebastienw

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