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Definitive guide to python on Mac OSX
You should setup python on your Mac this way. I’m tired of having to look this up, or worse, describe it ineffectively to coworkers. So here it is, all in one place.
macosx  python  installation  sysadmin  reference  homebrew 
1 hour ago by cyberchucktx
SFTP connection issues from macOS Sierra - Panic Library
MacOS Sierra includes an updated version of OpenSSH, the software Transmit 4 uses to connect to SFTP servers. OpenSSH in macOS Sierra disables certain insecure features, which could lead to new connection failures.

If you encounter an error like “no matching host key type found” when Transmit attempts to connect, you will need to modify your SSH settings.
ssh  macosx  mac  apple  ssl  openssl  encryption  security 
3 days ago by cyberchucktx
Murus - macOS Firewall Unchained
Mac using tools already built into macOS

Unleash the hidden power of PF, the macOS packer filter

Easy firewall configuration using the Wizard

Create firewall rules managing graphic objects

Visualize PF configuration using simplified layers of abstraction

Powerful custom rules system lets you create fully customized PF rulesets

Access a very large set of advanced networking features and options including bandwidth management

Block applications using the bundled Vallum applicati...
firewall  osx  security  software  mac  macosx  networking  macos  seguridad 
6 days ago by qiqetin

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