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The microscopic wonders of herbs
1/29/19 - Macro photography reveals the intricacies of kitchen herbs
Photographs  NatGeo  Macro  Micro 
16 days ago by mcbakewl
New malware found using Google Drive as its command-and-control server
backdoor Trojan, called RogueRobin, which infects victims' computers by tricking them into opening a Microsoft Excel document containing embedded VBA macros, instead of exploiting any Windows zero-day vulnerability.

Enabling the macro drops a malicious text (.txt) file in the temporary directory and then leverages the legitimate 'regsvr32.exe' application to run it, eventually installing the RogueRobin backdoor written in C# programming language on the compromised system

The new malware campaign suggests that the APT hacking groups are shifting more towards abusing legitimate services for their command-and-control infrastructure to evade detection.

It should be noted that since VBA macros is a legitimate feature, most antivirus solutions do not flag any warning or block MS Office documents with VBA code.
cybersecurity  google  threathunting  malware  c2  backdoor  macro 
29 days ago by bwiese
Useful Data Sets
Macro papers from many regions
economics  global  macro 
4 weeks ago by jayyy
Audiense:resources – Who Runs The Social Intelligence World?
In a recent influencers report, audiense:resources crunched the data to reveal the most influencial leaders in the field of social intelligence across the globe. Extracting data from 1,046 of the most important public figures, the largest influencers of professionals in the space, Brian Solis was in good company, named #4 among the top 10 Macro Influencers for the audience of Social Intelligence professionals, Elon Musk being #1, and Guy Kawasaki being listed as #6.
brian+solis  macro  influencer  social  intelligence  Media  top  brian  solis 
5 weeks ago by briansolis

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